1. Blues player, maybe
  2. Girl on instrument having forsaken piano for one that's blown
  3. Larry adler's instrument
  4. Play this on 1 march badly, then 1 april
  5. Instrument of abuse in use by naked vicar
  6. Wind instrument aka mouth organ
  7. Instrument that must be played with the mouth
  8. Musical instrument also called the mouth organ
  9. Wind instrument; french harp or mouth organ
  10. An alternative mouth-organ
  11. Damage - a coin slips into musical instrument
  12. Mouthpiece will do mischief to get on with women's institute
  13. Instrument from band grabbed by excited chairman
  14. Instrument causing damage when attached to one short whip
  15. Blues musician’s harp
  16. Relative of a panpipe
  17. A monarch i see playing instrument
  18. It's blown with great force, mostly by a woman
  19. It's played on injury lewinsky first neglected
  20. One decorated by monarch, perhaps, 8's responsibility to drop off award — i'll be blowed!
  21. Poor chairwoman's cut with small instrument
  22. One monarch i see playing instrument
  23. Hospital treatment for bruises involves way of working instrument
  24. Organ given by short tough girl
  25. Instrument with which to damage a coin badly
  26. Music maker is hurt tossing a coin
  27. Instrument initially having alarming repercussions on girl
  28. Instrument that might damage a coin in circulation
  29. Harp on about bandaging one after injury
  30. Instrument, not easy, finally abandoned by girl
  31. Instrument hoover's first lady carried across arkansas
  32. Rah! that's back to the girl for 1 across
  33. Mouth-organ
  34. Instrument chairman mao finally ordered
  35. Reed instrument, or stringed one (not piano), given to woman
  36. There starts some damage on the mouth for the girl at last
  37. Aka french harp or mouth organ
  38. Handheld musical mouth blower
  39. Glass __, musical invention by benjamin franklin
  40. Mouth organ
  41. Instrument played by john lennon on love me do
  42. French harp or mouth organ
  43. Free reed wind instrument played in blues
  44. Girl on musical instrument, not piano — another one?
  45. Musical instrument known as a mouth organ
  46. It's played by blowing into holes
  47. Handheld wind instrument used by bob dylan
  48. Instrument also known as a mouth organ
  49. Instrument one blows into, played by bob dylan
  50. After theatre, even in coma playing instrument
  51. Not half hard up, moneys in cash ones blown
  52. Music maker&rsquo s nickname called out, with cheer echoing

Crosswords containing the word "HARMONICA"

  1. Harmonica-like instrument
  2. Benefactor to a harmonica band?
  3. Composer for the single harmonica
  4. Harmonica part
  5. Composer's note in arrangement for harmonica -- fortissimo
  6. Harmonica's precursor
  7. Legendary harmonica player/singer
  8. What john popper's harmonica does
  9. With 76-down, harmonica feature
  10. 1992 paula abdul hit, with stevie wonder on harmonica