1. Who says to be, or not to be: that is the question
  2. His last words were the rest is silence
  3. “to be, or not to be” speaker
  4. Source of the line "frail
  5. Small town
  6. Great dane?
  7. Play containing the line “good night sweet prince”
  8. Whence the phrase "brevit
  9. Village - play
  10. In the morning, 50 entered the mysterious little village
  11. Dogpatch, for one
  12. Hot meal prepared by troy's prince
  13. Whence the line "to sleep
  14. Pi divided by universal radius very often
  15. Classic olivier role
  16. Shakespearean soliloquist
  17. Small village
  18. Work of 1604
  19. Whence the phrase "murder
  20. Tiny village
  21. Small settlement
  22. The barred __ central atlantic fish with stripes
  23. Play that poses the question to be or not to be?
  24. Poor actor allowed to be in small village play
  25. Play with a ghost
  26. Small village for shakespeare prince
  27. To be, or not to be play
  28. Literary prince of denmark
  29. 'to sleep, perchance to dream' speaker
  30. The tree comes up in a hat with few houses in 2 down
  31. Whence the line 'to sleep: perchance to dream'
  32. Shakespeare's village was not in england
  33. Bad actor permitted in title role
  34. "get thee to a nunnery" speaker
  35. Village drama society's production?
  36. Play in a small village
  37. A village setting for shakespeare's play
  38. Community smaller than a village
  39. Play leads to joint restriction
  40. A shakespeare tragedy
  41. Small village for a danish prince?
  42. Memorable indecisive dane
  43. Source of the line 'frailty, thy name is woman!'
  44. Small village for shakespearian prince
  45. Shakespeare title role
  46. ''the rest is silence'' speaker
  47. Whence "neither a borrower nor a lender be"
  48. Just a little place for a prince at play
  49. Tragic prince of elsinore
  50. Diminutive actor maybe in title role
  51. Meat permit issued by small community
  52. Tiny village; prince of denmark
  53. Play arrangement of unfinished mahler concerto no 7
  54. Speaker of the ends of the answers to starred clues
  55. Poor actor allowed role beyond his capabilities?
  56. Village, danish prince
  57. Village - tragedy
  58. Thelma (anag) — play
  59. Tragedy in small community
  60. 'thus conscience does make cowards of us all' observer
  61. Few houses in denmark could be so playful
  62. Shakespeare's tragic danish prince
  63. Bad actor surmounts hindrance to get shakespearean role
  64. Person acting badly allowed in village
  65. Nephew of claudius
  66. Small rural community
  67. Play for the village
  68. Shakespeare's indecisive one
  69. Just a little show place in denmark
  70. Marjorie rawlings's bond?
  71. Tchaikovsky fantasy-overture
  72. Source of the saying 'brevity is the soul of wit'
  73. Exemplar of indecision
  74. Radio buff rented small place in the country
  75. Few houses there in denmark
  76. Shakespeare's tragic prince of denmark
  77. Climbing tree to break cover in village play
  78. (hero of) play
  79. Amateur allowed in play
  80. Play in small country community
  81. Small settlement for denmark
  82. Poor actor allowed famous title role
  83. It's smaller than a village
  84. Village prince
  85. Tragedy in a small village
  86. Whence the phrase 'murder most foul'
  87. Whence the line 'a little more than kin, and less than kind'
  88. Speaker of the first syllables of the answers to starred clues
  89. Shakespeare's tragic prince
  90. Kenneth branagh role
  91. Whence the phrase 'brevity is the soul of wit'
  92. Small village, one made famous by shakespeare
  93. Small country location for shakespeare play
  94. Tragic figure, male, accommodated in vigorous time
  95. Shakespearean dane
  96. Where the phrase to thine own self be true comes from
  97. Settlement smaller than a village
  98. Done every 60 minutes
  99. Shakespeare’s danish prince
  100. Claudius' nephew
  101. The prince of denmark
  102. Village for shakespearean prince
  103. Dramatic prince of denmark
  104. A playful little danish village
  105. Just a few cottages in denmark?
  106. Will play for a village in denmark
  107. Shakespeare's prince of denmark
  108. Shakespearean play with the character polonius
  109. This play says "the rest is silence"
  110. Shakespeare's danish prince
  111. A play by shakespeare or a tiny village
  112. Character in shakespeare's tragedy about denmark
  113. Shakespearean play that starts "who's there"
  114. Shakespearean character with the most lines
  115. Shakespeare play set in denmark
  116. 1996 film adaption of william shakespeare’s play of the same name about a danish prince and his journey of vengeance starring kate winslet
  117. Bad actor allowed title role
  118. Over-theatrical thesp­ian's allowed a shakespearean role
  119. Small settlement for prince
  120. Danish king in play

Crosswords containing the word "HAMLET"

  1. Hamlet, in "hamlet"
  2. Say hamlet is what's wanted? hamlet said it
  3. Hamlet's father in 'hamlet,' e.g
  4. Hamlet in hamlet, say
  5. When hamlet dies in 'hamlet'
  6. Playing hamlet in hamlet?
  7. Hamlet in "hamlet" and others
  8. Get ___ to a nunnery: hamlet
  9. Like ___, all tears: hamlet
  10. Duel overseer in "hamlet"