1. Frightening time
  2. John carpenter horror cla
  3. What scares you most ... tonight's fright, or your inevitable candy stomachache? boo!
  4. Day for ghouls monsters and trick or treating
  5. 1978 debut film of jamie lee curtis
  6. Scary party time
  7. An opportunity to go door-to-door for nutty types with hospital licence for half a screen
  8. Evening of masquerade creating awe? hell, no!
  9. Enigmatic lone whale is an attraction for those dressed up as something else
  10. Light-in-pumpkin festival
  11. Everyone's in debt when there's a female around — when there's witches around!
  12. 31st october
  13. Evening before all saint's day
  14. Do all the saints follow this to greet the little north, perhaps?
  15. Evening before all saints' day ( 9)
  16. Have great respect even at the end of october
  17. The eve of all saints' day
  18. Large room, one we alter for scary festival!
  19. Last night in october
  20. October holiday thats always on the same date
  21. Expression of surprise: think it's a special night
  22. After welcome there's little point making celebration
  23. Annual event for women no one's paid to enter
  24. Trick or treat time
  25. In the end one may 15 across this, even if it's for the witches
  26. Trick or treat day
  27. House is setting for the whole small northern horror film
  28. That man admits permit is key to opening network by the end of october
  29. October 31, when ella's worried about nothing
  30. 1978 horror film or its 2018 sequel, both starring jamie lee curtis
  31. Bird holds everyone to be in debt at the end of october
  32. Greeting given to small knight when masquerade occurs
  33. John carpenter horror classic
  34. Permit drug to be used in female celebration
  35. Permit european to enter party member's feast
  36. Henry is down taking drugs in middle of canal - that puts the frighteners on everyone once a year?
  37. Man has let in competing players for autumnal celebration
  38. Time for children to tour neighbourhood -- mostly permitted when woman's about
  39. Greeting small, new tree of bradbury
  40. Whole lane involved in october festival
  41. Lone whale swimming at the end of last month
  42. Michael myers horror film franchise
  43. Samhainophobia is the fear of this
  44. When linus waits for the great pumpkin to appear
  45. Horror film franchise with a holiday title
  46. Michael meyer's killing spree film
  47. Greetings, little n, from the witches, then
  48. Almost let in bird out of autumn night
  49. "trick" or "treat"
  50. Bradbury's lineage?
  51. Indicate or specify
  52. 2nd biggest holiday for candy in the u.s. in 2016
  53. Specify plan to get tea variety
  54. Spooky time in room over water at the beginning of november
  55. Specify fruit without eastern mark
  56. 1978 horror film starring donald pleasance and jamie lee curtis
  57. Trick or treat night
  58. 2018 jamie lee curtis movie
  59. One way to greet little n at the end of october
  60. He let in english nationalist for celebration
  61. Hocus pocus has become a classic __ film
  62. Spooky trick-or-treating celebration
  63. Autumn/winter festival, before all saints' day
  64. Jamie lee curtis horror movie about michael myers
  65. Michael myers is the villain in this horror movie
  66. 2018 film sequel to spooky 1978 slasher movie
  67. Spooky holiday with pumpkins and candy
  68. A celebration in which people wear costumes
  69. Horror film franchise with a seasonal name
  70. Night of costume parties and sweet treats
  71. Think to follow greeting at the end of a month
  72. 2018 slasher film directed by david gordon green starring judy greer which is a direct sequel to a 1978 movie of the same name
  73. October 31
  74. Time of year when jack-o'-lanterns are seen
  75. October holiday that’s always on the same date
  76. Greeting we mostly end for annual celebration
  77. Spooky festival day at the end of october
  78. Holiday featuring costumes and jack-o'-lanterns
  79. In big house, working to hold small celebration
  80. Hotel to permit central screening at the end of october
  81. Day when kids go trick or treating
  82. Holiday for trick-or-treating
  83. Welcome little new for traditional occasion
  84. All hallows eve is better known as this
  85. Spooky celebration marked on october 31
  86. Holiday and horror movie about michael myers
  87. Its also known as all hallows eve
  88. When kids knock, greeting tiny one in the middle
  89. The film franchise about michael myers
  90. October holiday directly before all souls day
  91. The holiday celebrated on october 31st
  92. The celebration where people trick or treat
  93. Slasher movie franchise featuring michael myers
  94. Spooky holiday celebrated on october 31
  95. Holiday associated with carved orange pumpkins
  96. A 1969 poirot tale was set at this kind of party
  97. Spooky holiday celebrated in october
  98. Holiday celebrated every october 31st
  99. Holiday whose origin comes from samhain
  100. Henry and everyone working to hold minor annual festivity
  101. Festival that comes before thanksgiving day and is celebrated on 31st october every year
  102. Holiday associated with trick or treating and pumpkin carving which takes place in fall
  103. A 1978 slasher film which featured the debut of psychopath michael myers
  104. Day where costumed children beg for sweets
  105. The years spookiest holiday
  106. Masked october holiday
  107. Holiday involving pumpkins and scary costumes
  108. Film series with laurie strode and michael myers

Crosswords containing the word "HALLOWEEN"

  1. Sitcom starring jennifer aniston which had a halloween episode titled the one with the halloween party
  2. Halloween parade, halloween celebration in japan held on the last sunday of october
  3. Halloween mask?
  4. Halloween activity
  5. Halloween mo.
  6. Halloween supplies
  7. Some halloween costumes
  8. Marking, as windows on halloween
  9. Halloween disguises
  10. Shapes of some halloween cookies