1. Like
  2. Appreciative of a small delivery of coal?
  3. Obliged to pull back, when about to consider force
  4. Appreciative
  5. Appreciative, having this amount of coal?
  6. Like a proper rescuee
  7. Band fronted by jerry garcia __ dead
  8. __ dead band that had bears as mascots
  9. Showing appreciation to
  10. Felt a rug (anag)
  11. Under obligation, dropping rate fully? only partially
  12. Pleased grid's well-nigh complete
  13. Showing appreciation for all the logs on the fire
  14. Showing appreciation for supply of fuel?
  15. Thankful, appreciative
  16. Appreciative for quantity of coal
  17. Beholden for plenty of coal?
  18. Appreciative after swimming in gulf endlessly
  19. 'thanks for a good fire there, by the sound of it (8)'
  20. The __ dead 60s us band headed by jerry garcia
  21. Thanks to having plenty of fire, by the sound of it
  22. Most appreciative
  23. In the spirit of thanksgiving, say
  24. Thanks to this, one has a good fire going, it seems
  25. Appreciative, given this much fuel?
  26. Appreciative when jar's topped up by speaker
  27. Be thankful model left a rug
  28. Showing thankfulness
  29. Appreciative, given such an adequate supply of coal?
  30. Thankful
  31. Ta for plenty of turf to burn, by the sound of it
  32. Lots of fuel for the fire to make you appreciative?
  33. Showing gratitude
  34. Give thanks for having such a large, open fire going, by the sound of it
  35. Appreciative, thankful
  36. __ dead, us rockers with lead singer jerry garcia
  37. Thankful for good things in life
  38. Feeling thankful
  39. Like the start of 11 down, lots of fire there, by the sound of it
  40. Satisfied when prepared for firing?
  41. The ___ dead (rock band co-founded by jerry garcia)
  42. Feeling appreciation, being thankful for something
  43. Showing thanks or appreciation
  44. Satisfied with a quantity of fuel
  45. Dead heads follow this dead band all over
  46. Appreciative, having this much coal?
  47. Deadheads followed this band: the __ dead
  48. The dead band whose fans are called deadheads

Crosswords containing the word "GRATEFUL"

  1. How grateful can one be?
  2. Grateful old boy told stories about golf
  3. Grateful dead bassist phi
  4. Grateful dead bassist phil
  5. Grateful person's reply
  6. Like grateful dead attire
  7. Grateful dead leader
  8. Grateful statement
  9. Delighted; grateful
  10. Grateful?