1. Renaissance fair vessel
  2. Drinking glass
  3. Fancy drinking glass
  4. Stemmed drinking glass
  5. Travel by punt clutching stem of tall glass
  6. Ornate glass
  7. 2005 film: harry potter and the __ of fire
  8. Drinking vessel's small mouth?
  9. Drinking-glass with stem and foot
  10. Bowl-shaped drinking vessel
  11. Large drinking glass
  12. Got over barman taking the last of the wine from chalice
  13. Fancy wineglass
  14. Spittle allowed to get into cup
  15. Get up to where the turf is and allow it to hold your drink
  16. Drinking vessel allowed to touch mouth
  17. Large drinking cup for wine
  18. Drinking-vessel speaker allowed
  19. Wine glass
  20. Large drinking-cup
  21. Glass with a stem
  22. Unfinished desert accommodation might hold a little water
  23. Large handleless drinking-cup
  24. Drinking receptacle allowed to touch mouth
  25. Drinking vessel with a stem
  26. Turn to where the turf is to let you have a drink from it
  27. Chalice
  28. Large drinking cup for a small mouth?
  29. Piece of stemware
  30. Stemmed glass
  31. Wineglass
  32. Drinking vessel allowed to slip under mouth
  33. Mining waste allowed in vessel
  34. Leave britain with sanction to find grail?
  35. Chalice, for instance
  36. Metal drinking vessel used in the middle ages
  37. Drinking glass with base and stem
  38. Large drinking glass with stem and base
  39. A large drinking cup; harry potter's was fiery
  40. Mulled wine chalice
  41. Only a mug would have a drink in this
  42. Drinking vessel in our country is nothing to the french model
  43. Relative of a snifter
  44. Historical metal drinking vessel
  45. Cup for a small mouth?
  46. Grand golden drinking vessel
  47. Golden drinking vessel for medieval royals
  48. Old timey drinking glass featured in harry potter

Crosswords containing the word "GOBLET"

  1. Goblet part
  2. Mischievously humorous desire to snatch silver goblet at first
  3. Goblet feature
  4. Large goblet
  5. Goblet material
  6. Much sought after last supper's goblet
  7. Large goblet used for wine drinking
  8. A goblet strangely spherical
  9. Wine goblet found in church by daughter of oxford dean
  10. Goblet i had with singular front section in shape of lips?