1. Boxing need
  2. Part of a hazmat suit
  3. Hand protector
  4. Mitten
  5. “oven”
  6. On-hand children's entertainer?
  7. Fashion accessory
  8. Item kept on hand
  9. Fielder's aid
  10. Hand cover
  11. Mitten cousin
  12. Proverbially good fitter? good nothing!
  13. Good thing to fit like
  14. Gee! there's lots of affection on hand
  15. Popular fly catcher
  16. Go, could one say, for one on hand?
  17. Michael jackson prop
  18. Signature michael jackson wear
  19. Mitten's kin
  20. Bowler's aid
  21. One of a boxer's pair
  22. Boxer's protection
  23. That's only fit to have on hand.
  24. Good charity - it's needed in a cold climate
  25. Adore at last to have this on hand
  26. Hand in one note showing no score at tennis
  27. Covering for the hand
  28. Use it to play the field
  29. Baseball player's tool
  30. "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit" evidence
  31. It's good to have much warmth - from this?
  32. Goat's first passion might be kid
  33. At last one can have affection on hand
  34. Kiss "fits like a ___"
  35. Michael jackson performed in one
  36. Fielder's catcher
  37. Golfers may use one
  38. Outfielder's gear
  39. It's fitting, on the one hand
  40. Michael jackson trademark
  41. Surgeon's requirement
  42. Perhaps kid one girl's beginning to dote on
  43. Fielder's equipment
  44. It can go over five digits
  45. Shortstop's catcher
  46. Outfielder's need
  47. Hand covering
  48. Girls initially adore fashion accessory
  49. Gauntlet
  50. How you'd like at last to have this on hand!
  51. Midnight, with nothing on hand
  52. Fielders need
  53. Tory mp keeps labour leader on hand
  54. Handy protections good before passion
  55. What's kept on hand at the hospital?
  56. Mitt’s ‘good oh’
  57. What may be thrown down for a duel

Crosswords containing the word "GLOVE"

  1. Glove purchase
  2. Bat, ball, glove, etc.
  3. Stout glove
  4. Catchers glove
  5. Surgical glove material
  6. Material for a tight-fitting glove
  7. Eight-time gold glove winner jim
  8. Baseball glove
  9. Glove material
  10. Parsley relative - a glove