1. Man living off an older woman
  2. Joe's old diary turned up in playboy for cash
  3. Kept lover's ring, see, after performance
  4. Male escort
  5. Lover go-go dancing around italy and luxembourg
  6. Man paid by older woman to be her lover
  7. See soldier taking turn to be first escort
  8. “american ___” (gere movie)
  9. "where i find my heaven" ___ aunts
  10. Man supported by an older woman to be her lover
  11. Lounge lizard
  12. 51-across of a sort
  13. Paid male lover
  14. Escort in garage started at the first attempt, with learner at wheel?
  15. Professional escort
  16. Hired male escort
  17. Kept man
  18. Paid escort
  19. Role for richard gere
  20. 'just a ___' (1931 hit)
  21. Male lover for hire
  22. Listen to dance round and see dancing partner
  23. "american ___" (richard gere movie)
  24. Escort liberal in serving american syrup
  25. Soldier's turn with vulgar-sounding escort
  26. 'american --' (richard gere film)
  27. I go in the log for a paying partner
  28. Paid male escort
  29. 1980 richard gere portrayal
  30. Go in and around illinois for escort
  31. The american soldier wil get leave, and behold he's kept!
  32. Turn on soldier and look for escort
  33. Woman's paid male escort
  34. Toy boy left between ducks behind boat
  35. Male escort, alone - first to leave after one-night stand
  36. Old word for man maintained by rich woman
  37. Lover paid by older woman
  38. Professional male escort
  39. Perform unaccompanied, soprano having left for dancing partner
  40. "american ___" (gere film)
  41. It may not be true that one makes only a duck
  42. Hired escort
  43. Male paid by performance, not at first unaccompanied
  44. Toy boy carriage with student wearing its lamps
  45. Escort's performance at technological centre
  46. Escort impressed american, old record being brought up
  47. Escort for hire
  48. Escort vessel taking line through ducks
  49. Male lover financially supported by a woman

Crosswords containing the word "GIGOLO"

  1. Gigolo
  2. "american gigolo" actress who appeared on the cover of vogue 28 times
  3. Cole porter's "___ gigolo
  4. Some gigolo! nerdy one with no friends
  5. Richard of 'american gigolo'
  6. “american gigolo” star
  7. David lee roth "just a gigolo (___ got nobody)"
  8. 'just a gigolo' singer, 1985
  9. Theme song from 'american gigolo'
  10. 'just a gigolo' singer louis