1. Like
  2. Flower wreath
  3. Wreath of flowers
  4. See 1 down
  5. Rebuffed newspaper to bring down former film star
  6. Guy's partner overcomes resistance with bunch of flowers
  7. Wreath that is worn or hung decoratively
  8. Judy __ dorothy in the wizard of oz
  9. String of items used for decoration
  10. Victory wreath
  11. Deck is alight with paper from starboard side
  12. Endlessly large rocks together with floral ring
  13. Wreath - for judy?
  14. Judy . . . . . . . who played dorothy in the wizard of oz
  15. Lei
  16. Judy - - , legendary singer
  17. 'easter parade' star
  18. Girl's right and gable made her love him
  19. Deck showing fish catch
  20. Flowers for the singer?
  21. Tabloid backing nation with flowers
  22. Decorative wreath
  23. Prize fish at the shore
  24. Chain of florists
  25. Movie and music legend who played dorothy judy __
  26. Newspaper's turn to secure literary anthology
  27. Judy __ the wizard of oz actress
  28. "the wizard of oz" star
  29. Area in greek countryside producing flowers
  30. Fish arrive on deck
  31. Actress' florid display?
  32. Judy __ the wizard of oz child star
  33. Star of the 1954 remake of a star is born: judy __
  34. Appropriate or proper
  35. The wizard of oz star judy
  36. Bundle of flowers
  37. Necklace of flowers
  38. A decoration often hung from mantels at christmas
  39. Female star of the wizard of oz
  40. Wreath, flowers in a string for decoration
  41. Judy __, mother of liza minnelli
  42. That's a blooming fishy place, it seems (7)
  43. Fish to bring ashore from the bay
  44. Former musical star returning paper light
  45. Wreath - festoon
  46. Former minister of national revenue
  47. Anadem
  48. Singer judy played by renée zellweger in judy
  49. Judy — best actress in a supporting role oscar nominee for judgment at nuremberg
  50. Wreath
  51. Young woman crossing river with festoon of flowers
  52. Judy , actress who portrayed dorothy
  53. Decorative wreath common around christmas
  54. Actress judy, who sang over the rainbow
  55. Fish on estate, perhaps, getting floral decoration
  56. Flowery wear
  57. A decorative wreath made of flowers and leaves
  58. Legendary actress judy, mother of liza minnelli
  59. Actress judy, dorothy in the wizard of oz in 1939
  60. Fish to catch for judy
  61. Leaves fish out of water, might one suppose
  62. A decorative wreath of flowers and leaves

Crosswords containing the word "GARLAND"

  1. Hawaiian garland that is left over
  2. Judy garland's real last
  3. Judy garland's real surna
  4. Ancient garland
  5. Island garland
  6. Judy garland or liza minn
  7. Hawaiian garland
  8. Yule garland
  9. Garland's original eastern holiday
  10. Circular garland for the head