1. Quaker ___
  2. Ally (with)
  3. Cook might have done so around north china
  4. There's little right in devil becoming a chum
  5. Addict knocking back bar's last bud
  6. Sat following this in china
  7. Companion; quaker
  8. Companion of female director eating nothing in france
  9. China ___
  10. Damon, to pythias
  11. Anagram of finder
  12. James taylor song you've got a __
  13. Ally, supporter
  14. Society member and well-wisher
  15. Sat start after this, so you'd like to have one
  16. Writing consumed by demon chum
  17. One listed on myspace
  18. Buddy
  19. It's when working week comes to a close, chum
  20. Sat start then?
  21. Close or intimate acquaintance
  22. The devil's about right for a companion
  23. One that's thick infernal sort? about right
  24. Just before 14 down, that makes one 31 across (6)
  25. Father: one's ultimate buddy?
  26. Familiar road fine for jogging
  27. Before that start of sat, pal
  28. Person with whom you have a bond of mutual affection
  29. Quaker - pal
  30. Mate or pal
  31. Quaker in china
  32. Colleague right to interrupt nuisance
  33. Thank you for being a ___
  34. 'sat at last after this, pal (6)'
  35. May be how sat starts for a pal (6)
  36. Quaker introducing religious leader to addict
  37. 3's piece at last achieves mate
  38. One you might 5-down
  39. Run into the devil's familiar
  40. Friday is beginning to finish with no foe
  41. Supporter of half-day closing
  42. Right before sat, start to get intimate
  43. It's half-day closing, mate!
  44. It's good to have one just before saturday, in short
  45. Are shortly in the devil sat soon
  46. Devil-dodger finally buried in 'the loved one'
  47. Day before check mate
  48. Enthusiast welcoming monarch in china?
  49. Female diner's poor companion?
  50. Devil conceals writing companion
  51. One on a facebook news feed
  52. Recommended reply to a sentry
  53. Person regarded with trust and affection
  54. Where sat starts?
  55. Companion at end of week reaches limit
  56. A puppy may be a kid's best ___
  57. When the last of 27 across one is not 31 across you
  58. Day to finish with mate
  59. Organisation's supporter establishes objective after half a day
  60. Does this one, like you, have been in the pan around the north?
  61. Starter of nectarine slices cooked in china
  62. Father's one close pal
  63. One may be imaginary
  64. One listed on facebook just before saturday start
  65. Intimate goal on day five
  66. One you'd like to see on last day of weekend
  67. 'a . . . . . . in need is a . . . . . . indeed'
  68. Oddly fertile — and lacking a mate?
  69. One on your side at the end of the day
  70. One of gibson's pals
  71. Buddy, pal
  72. Comrade's resistance stopping monster
  73. Supporter's someone fanatical collecting queen
  74. Before one sat at last there was no foe
  75. Nice to have one on your side from the pan around the north
  76. When does the weekend start, mate?
  77. Chum
  78. Say hello to my little __ - scarface
  79. Joey or ross, e.g.
  80. Associate, supporter
  81. Enthusiast embraced right partner
  82. Degenerate pinches piece of china
  83. Comrade for finder
  84. Member of religious society runs into the devil
  85. The last of the first of friday is a quaker
  86. One in favour of half-day closing
  87. Quaker offers resistance when beset by devil
  88. To add someone on a social network
  89. Trains the hose on clusters of flowers
  90. Pal or buddy
  91. One in need is one indeed
  92. Pal, amigo
  93. Pal, mate
  94. One you know well and regard with affection
  95. He's all for you just before the start of sat
  96. One likes you to have the fir in bits at last
  97. On your side just before saturday
  98. You're my best __, sang queen
  99. Enemy of your enemy
  100. A person you like to be around; you can choose
  101. Diamonds are a girl's best __, sang marilyn monroe
  102. A mate, or someone you follow on facebook
  103. Someone you like and enjoy spending time with
  104. Been in the pan around the north, pal?
  105. You like to have one just before sat. starts
  106. Female diner excited partner
  107. Just before saturday, get intimate
  108. Opposite of enemy; person you like
  109. Bury a ___ billie eilish song released in 2019 which was also the main inspiration for the album when we all fall asleep where do we go?
  110. Good buddy
  111. A dog is a man's best __
  112. Close of day for close companion
  113. Someone you like or who can read your social posts
  114. Buddy, someone you can rely on
  115. Opposite of foe
  116. Demon securing king&rsquo s mate
  117. Pal quaker
  118. They say dogs are man's best one
  119. Genie claims: aladdin has never had a __ like me
  120. Father and i with close companion
  121. Opposite of enemy person you like
  122. Facebook status
  123. Rupert who played peter quinn in homeland
  124. Female diner rearranged china
  125. A dog is known as mans best one
  126. Intimate last few hours of working week
  127. Our mutual , charles dickens last completed novel
  128. Sponsors right to stop formula one dying

Crosswords containing the word "FRIEND"

  1. Friend ___ friend
  2. Friend bringing friend around plot
  3. Older female friend's friend is an easy target
  4. '___ friend of yours is a friend of mine'
  5. "a friend in need is a friend ___"
  6. ` `a friend .. .... is a friend indeed' '
  7. €œa friend in need is a friend ____
  8. Friend shot by friend in paris
  9. Placebo "a friend in ___ a friend indeed"
  10. Bird on pole, no friend to our friend