1. Sudden sharp decrease in quantity
  2. Skydiver's start
  3. Descent in public brawl knocking out soldiers
  4. A quick drop for one waiting for opening time
  5. Uncontrolled descent
  6. What could be better than cheap summer skydiving practice?
  7. No alternative in riot but to take a quick drop
  8. Bank wholly behind start of financial decline that's unstoppable
  9. Thrill for a parachutist
  10. Occurrence before the chute opens
  11. It's 2002, and sid the skydiver finds his stocks in ___ ...
  12. Going down suddenly in brawl when gold has been stolen
  13. Such a comedown, but you won't have to pay for it, even without a parachute
  14. Rapid descent (before chute opens)
  15. Rapid decline
  16. Uncontrolled plunge
  17. France rocks - and everybody's in a rapid decline
  18. Trip costing nothing? it's only part of the descent!
  19. Paratrooper's start
  20. Skydiver's thrill
  21. Descent before the parachute opens
  22. Parachutist's thrill
  23. Rapid decline due to brawl after losing gold
  24. Descent without parachute
  25. The effect of a drop in gravity?
  26. Time before the parachute opens
  27. Unchecked descent
  28. Motion under gravity
  29. Rapid descent (before parachute opens, for example)
  30. Public brawl with soldiers knocked out showing a rapid descent?
  31. Downward movement under the force of gravity
  32. Drop without a parachute
  33. Rapid and unstoppable decline
  34. Tumbling without a parachute
  35. Rapid drop in folio, bank finished with completely
  36. Skydiving descent with unopened parachute
  37. Skydiver's start priceless trip?
  38. Downward movement under the force of gravity
  39. Style of skydiving or web comic set on planet jean
  40. In skydiving, before the parachute opens

Crosswords containing the word "Freefall"

  1. Freefall flying outfit
  2. Jump out of a plane in freefall
  3. Freefall flying outfit with streamlined design
  4. To freefall out of a plane