1. Fixation
  2. Magic charm
  3. Obsession
  4. Worshipped object
  5. Romeo in drama's brosnan?
  6. Place turning up in extremely foolish fixation
  7. Magical object
  8. Object or idea that becomes an obsession
  9. Angle covering alien fixation
  10. Kinky yen
  11. Angle to go round beat regularly -- it's an obsession
  12. Object worshipped by primitive people, or a fixation
  13. Obsession? iron this out
  14. Fixation on feet, e.g
  15. Object to which one is irrationally devoted
  16. Obsession as female: i set off to get husband
  17. Object of unreasoning devotion
  18. And it's in the swimmer to have magical powers
  19. Object worshipped for its supposed power
  20. Person who is the object of an obsessive fixation
  21. Purchase at an african market
  22. Undertaking is hard but not a thing to get excited about
  23. And it is among the magical object of seafood
  24. Object worshipped by primitive people
  25. Thief's unusual charm
  26. Charm believed to embody magical powers
  27. Foreign cheese of a sort masking a fixation
  28. An abnormal object of sexual desire
  29. Obsession of swimmer touring egypt
  30. Fictional photojournalist
  31. Object worshipped by primitive people or fixation (6)
  32. Object worshipped by primitive people or of abnormal sexual interest
  33. And it has the power to get into seafood
  34. Heartlessly eat fish without getting a thing about it
  35. Fixation, object of infatuation or obsession
  36. Figure or charm with magical powers
  37. Amulet with magical powers to protect the owner
  38. Fixation with france and french want to be guillotined!
  39. Unusual interest, initially envious, taken in swimmers
  40. Search to capture alien life it&rsquo s an obsession

Crosswords containing the word "FETISH"

  1. Fetish for the british
  2. Fetish about vermouth cocktail
  3. Old boy's current fetish
  4. Crop with which to chastise peer, having a spurs fetish?
  5. African fetish
  6. ___ fetish
  7. It's featured in w african fetish for unarmed combat
  8. A hairstyle lacking length could become a fetish
  9. Odd fetish is most suspect
  10. W. afr. charm or fetish