1. Shutter that's closed at night?
  2. It moves in a wink
  3. Something most fish lack
  4. One may have 20 lashes
  5. Pupil protector
  6. Peeper protector
  7. Lash site
  8. Iris cover
  9. Eyeball cover
  10. Site for lashes
  11. Lens cover?
  12. Examine latin papers - it's beneficial to pupil
  13. Optic membrane
  14. Shadow site
  15. Lash locale
  16. It's used in a wink
  17. Did the two desmonds give up in it?
  18. I heard hat serves as a protective covering
  19. Winking membrane
  20. Blinking cover
  21. Raised in crocodile? yes, a fold of skin
  22. One's not batted without trepidation as english yield in collapse
  23. It moves in a blink
  24. Seedily fashionable seafront's disappearing -- it's closed some of the time
  25. Open's one's eyes perhaps to me, say, on cover
  26. Shutter usually closed at night
  27. It's usually down for the night
  28. Covering for 27 across
  29. Shaded area
  30. Don't see how one might close this
  31. It can be covered by a shadow
  32. It's closing leaves pupil in the dark
  33. The blinking thing!
  34. Covering for organ of sight
  35. Frequently batted, but can't bowl
  36. Protection for the viewer
  37. Skin over viewer
  38. Close over 14 across? can't see if it does it (6)
  39. One might wink at letting one down
  40. Batted body part
  41. Shadow location
  42. Going over line in decline and fall that affects pupil
  43. Natural optic occluder
  44. Optical membrane
  45. Natural optical protector
  46. I heard cover is affected by the chap who brings the sand
  47. Priest accesses stain, lifting cover of organ
  48. Batter, england's opener idly wandering across back of crease
  49. Can't see if i close this
  50. Natural optical cover
  51. It may have a shadow over it
  52. Skin for blinking
  53. Item that closes on contact?
  54. It blinks
  55. Natural ocular protector
  56. It's often closed for the night
  57. It's closed for the night
  58. One visiting lord's after survey getting one to bat?
  59. Lash holder
  60. It's often covered in shadow
  61. Natural optic covering
  62. Wink producer
  63. Pupil blocker
  64. Pupil's cover
  65. Winker's apparatus
  66. Naturally it is cover for the pupil
  67. Batter to bow out, uplifted about the historic 50
  68. Natural optic protector
  69. It may be covered in shadow
  70. It gives you a blinkered outlook on life
  71. Vision protector?
  72. Lashes grow from it
  73. Muscular fold below the forehead
  74. Cornea coverer
  75. It's used in blinking
  76. Cover for organ of sight
  77. Ocular covering
  78. Natural optic cover
  79. Shadow's place
  80. Protective cover left in sink you returned
  81. Facial shutter
  82. It closes at night
  83. Lens cover of a sort
  84. Contemplate pool, mainly closed at night
  85. Cover for peeper?
  86. Drop it and you cannot see
  87. It has lashes
  88. Sounds as if i get a cover that's a cover. see?
  89. One may be shadowed
  90. Cover oversight
  91. Ocular closer
  92. Egyptian leader distributed yield from pupil's cover
  93. Movable sight screen
  94. Fold of skin on the face
  95. Face part
  96. Lied about taking the old cover
  97. Blink with it
  98. Site of many lashes
  99. Mixture of paper and glue
  100. Its quick with a wink
  101. It may be closed for the night
  102. Fold of skin affected by a stye
  103. Lashes' base
  104. Stye location
  105. Turn, rue and feed this
  106. Lashes alongside of it
  107. Cover for a seer?
  108. It's where your lashes are
  109. You couldn't wink without it
  110. Facial feature that covers the eyeball
  111. Target for some shadows
  112. I get this for cover
  113. Ocular cover
  114. I get some cover from this that one can't see through
  115. I get covered with this so that 'e may get to yield
  116. Would 'e yield what i cover, by the sound of it?
  117. There may be a shadow on it
  118. Cap for a pupil
  119. Optical shutter
  120. Ocular part
  121. If it's closed, you can't see priest you once introduced to daughter
  122. Reportedly, i come across cover for 6 down ¿ it needs to be closed
  123. It may be coveredin shadow
  124. Ocular shutter
  125. Palpebral piece of skin
  126. A fold of skin that blinks
  127. Palpebral part of the body
  128. Part of the body inflamed by blepharitis
  129. Returning crocodile yet to eat part of body
  130. Closed when blinking
  131. Fold of skin that moves when you blink
  132. Cosmetic shadow can be applied to this on the face
  133. With which one blinks
  134. Site of many lashes
  135. Blinking membrane
  136. Batter in feast containing half of lemon
  137. Shadow canvas
  138. Lashes grow on it

Crosswords containing the word "EYELID"

  1. Eyelid ailment
  2. Eyelid inflammation
  3. Eyelid inflammations
  4. Swelling of the eyelid
  5. Eyelid swelling
  6. Something troubling your eyelid primarily
  7. Eyelid attachment
  8. Eyelid woe
  9. Piece of inexpensive padding surprisingly stops condition affecting eyelid
  10. Eyelid annoyance