1. Broadway hit that origina
  2. Another suitcase in another hall musical
  3. Best musical of 1980
  4. She showed some initiative after revolution
  5. Stage musical
  6. Role for patti lupone
  7. Whence the song "the lady
  8. Musical with the song "on
  9. Madonna title role
  10. Dont cry for me argentina musical
  11. Musical with the song dont cry for me argentina
  12. Rice/lloyd webber musical
  13. Musical in which musical
  14. Hit musical set in argent
  15. Juan per
  16. Title role for madonna
  17. Lloyd webber musical
  18. Rice/lloyd webber work
  19. Show thanks after i have turned up
  20. Some argentine vitality in musical?
  21. Argentina-based musical
  22. Musical set in buenos air
  23. Lloyd webber/rice musical
  24. Juan perón's wife
  25. Madonna musical
  26. Energy of life not fully visible in south american political figure
  27. Musical with the song "bu
  28. Mrs. per
  29. Some tentatively recalled musical
  30. Patti lupone tony-winning
  31. Madonna role
  32. Tony-winning musical with the song another suitcase in another hall
  33. Energy of life not entirely evident in south american figure
  34. Popular musical
  35. Winner of seven tonys in
  36. Patti lupone role
  37. 'you must love me' musical
  38. Musical separatists swallowing 6
  39. Andrew lloyd webber and tim rice musical based on eva peron's life
  40. Musical with the song "a new argentina"
  41. Musical about ms. peron
  42. 'don't cry for me, argentina' singer
  43. Madonna musical movie
  44. Tony winner for patti lupone
  45. First british musical to get the best musical tony
  46. Musical featuring ''buenos aires''
  47. Patti lupone tony-winning role
  48. Nameless local turns up for show
  49. Musical about 31-across
  50. Had tea about four in return of musical
  51. 1996 musical film, starring madonna
  52. Argentine icon played by madonna
  53. 1980 tony winner for best musical
  54. Ms. peron
  55. Show flipping initiative in the second half!
  56. *a perón
  57. Film's predicted showing time around six
  58. Show some rare vitality
  59. Almost essential to support english musical
  60. ''a new argentina'' musical
  61. She showed some initiative in revolution
  62. Musical with the song 'buenos aires'
  63. Musical - girl is full of it
  64. Peron musical
  65. 1996 movie musical
  66. Tim rice musical with absolutely no influence on sci-fi
  67. Musical - see it in eastern virginia
  68. Musical with the song "another suitcase in another hall"
  69. 1979 broadway hit with the song 'on this night of a thousand stars'
  70. Show greek character pressing against one
  71. Second wife of juan peron
  72. Show i have retreated before an army
  73. Film that starred madonna
  74. 'a new argentina' show
  75. Tony-winning andrew lloyd webber musical
  76. ''buenos aires'' musical
  77. Eastender portrayed by jessie wallace
  78. 'good night and thank you' musical
  79. Andrew lloyd webber/tim rice musical
  80. 'on this night of a thousand stars' musical
  81. Musical set in argentina
  82. ''stand back, buenos aires'' singer
  83. Subject of the biography 'the woman with the whip'
  84. Musical
  85. Whence the song 'the lady's got potential'
  86. Best musical winner at the 1980 tonys
  87. Musical set in south america
  88. 15-across, familiarly
  89. Perón of argentina
  90. Juan's wife
  91. First british best musical tony recipient
  92. Lloyd webber score
  93. Innovative half-back is musical
  94. 'what's new, buenos aires? i'm new...' singer
  95. Broadway hit that originally opened in london in 1978
  96. Musical with an inaugural ball
  97. Mrs. perón
  98. Title role for patti lupone
  99. Musical featuring the song 'buenos aires'
  100. Best song oscar film for '96
  101.     musical with the song 'rainbow tour'
  102. Musical with the song 'on this night of a thousand stars'
  103. Musical life in rome following emperor's lead
  104. 1996 madonna musical
  105. Girl without sex appeal in musical
  106. Eva peron
  107. Madonna film role
  108. Upset mother missing lead in musical
  109. Role played by patti lupone
  110. Best musical tony winner of 1980
  111. Energy is almost essential to see this musical...
  112. 'i'd be surprisingly good for you' musical
  113. Musical narrated by che
  114. Musical with the song "high flying, adored"
  115. Andrew lloyd webber musical set in argentina
  116. Hit musical set in buenos aires
  117. 'the woman with the whip'
  118. Tony musical for patti lupone
  119. Hit musical set in argentina
  120. Character seen most in clever short animated film
  121. Musical 'the return of the native"? not then
  122. Something inevitable about an andrew lloyd weber musical?
  123. A name one's rejected with an appreciative word
  124. Celebrated argentine
  125. Musical based on argentine leader
  126. Andrew lloyd webber musical
  127. 1978 olivier award winner
  128. First british musical to win the tony
  129. Tony-winning musical based in buenos aires
  130. Don't cry for her, argentina
  131. 'the lady's got potential' musical
  132. Tony role for patti
  133. E. sackville-west, a latin-american icon
  134. 1996 madonna film
  135. Role that earned patti lupone her first tony
  136. Argentina-set musical
  137. Tony musical for 1980
  138. Film in which antonio banderas plays che guevara
  139. Musical in which madonna set a guinness world record for "most costume changes in a film"
  140. Title role for madonna or lupone
  141. Tony-winning musical of 1980
  142. Tourist island of the balearics in the mediterranean
  143. Lloyd webber musical set in argentina
  144. A spanish island in the mediterranean
  145. First lady of argentina
  146. Bachelor between islands brings every character back to another
  147. 1996 madonna musical role
  148. Musical about mrs. perón
  149. Title singer of "you must love me"
  150. Musical set in buenos aires
  151. Musical about person’s wife
  152. Musical about the peróns
  153. Don't cry for me singer
  154. 1978 stage musical composed by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
  155. Broadway hit of 1980
  156. Musical about mrs pern
  157. Life in rome after english musical
  158. Female having sex in musical
  159. Musical entertainment viewed in the adelphi originally?
  160. Show half of cumulative returns
  161. Broadway musical with the song the lady's got potential
  162. I have raised volunteers for show
  163. Madonna musical role
  164. 1980 tony award-winning musical
  165. Movie musical where madonna played the first lady of argentina
  166. 1996 movie musical starring madonna
  167. English biography of little first lady from south america
  168. Musical that opens in a buenos aires cinema
  169. Musical about eva peron
  170. Juans second wife
  171. Tony winner for best musical
  172. Oh what a circus musical
  173. Musical set in argentina
  174. Don't cry for me argentina show
  175. Argentine idol played by madonna
  176. Film in which madonna played a peron
  177. Argentine icon played by madonna and patti lupone
  178. Dont cry for me singer
  179. Peron played by patti lupone

Crosswords containing the word "EVITA"

  1. Evita of evita
  2. Antonio's role in "evita"
  3. Dance seen in “evita”
  4. Evita lyricist
  5. Gracious evita reportedly turned up to embrace workers
  6. Evita's land
  7. What evita asked argentin
  8. Evita sang for this country not to cry for her
  9. Former argentine president evita's husband
  10. Evita's husband