1. Awful regime displaced person
  2. New citizenship seeker
  3. Baryshnikov, e.g.
  4. Expat
  5. New citizen, perhaps
  6. Asylum seeker
  7. Asylum seeker, maybe
  8. Person settling in another country
  9. Rudolf nureyev, e.g.
  10. Settler from a foreign la
  11. Displaced person, maybe
  12. Einstein, notably
  13. Asylum seeker, perhaps
  14. New arrival, of sorts
  15. Nabokov, e.g.
  16. New arrival
  17. Political asylum seeker
  18. One fleeing iraq, perhaps after regime change
  19. Einstein, e.g.
  20. Solzhenitsyn, e.g.
  21. The comte d'artois was one for a change of regime
  22. Foreign fleer
  23. One living abroad for political reasons
  24. Rachmaninoff, for one
  25. Political refugee
  26. Product of an evil regime?
  27. Left one's country for political reasons
  28. Person moving abroad
  29. Displaced one
  30. Person leaving one country to settle in another
  31. Person forced to flee his country for political reasons
  32. He left the country before plane landed
  33. Defector, e.g.
  34. Displaced person, often
  35. Political exile
  36. Soviet fighters brought in before political refugee
  37. Someone who leaves one country to settle in another
  38. Asylum seeker, often
  39. One who's left
  40. Relocator
  41. One living abroad
  42. Political mover?
  43. Person leaving to settle in another country
  44. Russian fighter parting before one leaves the country
  45. Upset the writer, with anger about good person coming from russia without love, perhaps
  46. Political exile offering regime change
  47. Deportee, e.g
  48. One living abroad (to escape regime)
  49. Revolution victim
  50. One in political exile
  51. One who's fled abroad
  52. One leaving their nation
  53. Exile foreign ruler possessing good english
  54. Before boxing fighter is an outcast?
  55. One leaves to settle in another country
  56. One deciding to leave country before catching plane
  57. Recorder backing work for asylum seeker?
  58. Nadia comaneci, in 1989
  59. Political refugee, e.g.
  60. He's moved
  61. New arrival from afar
  62. Unfamiliar regime for foreigner
  63. Political escapee
  64. Refugee from wicked regime
  65. Royalist who left france during the revolution
  66. Refugee from terrible regime
  67. Frenchman who couldn't adapt to a new regime?
  68. One leaving his own country
  69. Someone leaving the country for good
  70. Future citizen, perhaps
  71. Regime change might produce such a person
  72. One leaving country for political reasons
  73. Political fleer
  74. Mayflower passenger, e.g.
  75. English difficulty about good person forced to leave?
  76. Frenchman who fled the revolution
  77. Regime (anag)
  78. Citizen who has left native country
  79. East russian fighter concerned with defector?
  80. October revolution figure
  81. One forced to leave one's country for political reasons
  82. One who leaves homeland
  83. Traveller to another country from corrupt regime
  84. One fleeing regime changes
  85. Settler from a foreign land
  86. Fermi or einstein
  87. Political refugee, especially a royalist fleeing the french revolution
  88. Defector
  89. One who has left his country for political reasons
  90. Terrible regime, or its victim
  91. One in flight from france before plane's boarded
  92. Albert einstein notably
  93. One who seeks political asylum
  94. One fleeing persecution, perhaps
  95. One fleeing persecution, say
  96. Victim of regime change?
  97. Einstein or fermi
  98. Certain new resident
  99. A political exile from regime
  100. Person who settles in another country
  101. One fleeing his country before catching plane
  102. One waiting abroad for a change of regime
  103. Nureyev, notably
  104. Political fugitive
  105. Political transplant
  106. Outgoing type of regular mermaid girl, eh?
  107. Albert einstein or enrico fermi
  108. One who&rsquo s fled bad regime
  109. Political migrant

Crosswords containing the word "EMIGRE"

  1. Rule émigré out of order
  2. Emigré may come from this, if maltreated
  3. National upheaval as a recipe for creating emigre?
  4. Emigre from ork
  5. Émigré (anag.)
  6. Former partner leaves émigré embracing chief in abraham's office
  7. Dominion of emigre
  8. Emigre
  9. Emigre beaten up by the authorities
  10. An émigré possibly keeping european animals for exhibition