1. Antidemocratic belief
  2. Undemocratic tendency
  3. English literary doctrine favouring the establishment?
  4. Snobbishness
  5. Snobbery
  6. Monster's head replaced by offensive figure
  7. Pride in belonging to a select group
  8. Where a select or favored group holds power
  9. Belief in concept of superiority
  10. Edith wharton theme
  11. The best government? have a wry smile about it
  12. Take your place in the distance with return to streaming?
  13. Sit up mid-air in tree with the best of them
  14. Government by select group
  15. Within novel, it is mainly an aristocratic attitude?
  16. Belief in government by a chosen few
  17. Always wanting the flower? it's in a tree
  18. Exclusive attitude
  19. Superior attitude of those in power
  20. Selecting the best sort of type?
  21. Upper-class rule
  22. Dominance by select group? priest's first to moan about it
  23. Theory espoused by plato
  24. Snob's doctrine
  25. Savouring cream for energy, settled on one's top of the milk
  26. Snobbish attitude
  27. Superior attitude
  28. Government by the best? have a wry smile about it
  29. In the distance lie back, lapping up the cream
  30. Practice of favouring the best people
  31. Belief in the best english literature is supported by millions
  32. Snobbish stance
  33. In handel it is meant to inspire a superior feeling
  34. Those who prefer cream would indulge in it
  35. Superior view? it is found in a tree
  36. Character eating is oppressed by burning fondness for the cream
  37. Something populists revile
  38. Clique's attitude
  39. Snobby belief
  40. Aristocratic practice

Crosswords containing the word "ELITISM"

  1. Elitism
  2. Lies heartlessly about dreadful elitism going on forever
  3. Showing a snobbish elitism 7 little words