1. A stupid amount of chinese food?
  2. Chinese appetiser
  3. Chinatown chow choice
  4. Chinatown offering
  5. Chinese assortment of fried dumplings
  6. Chinese food in small fried or steamed dumplings
  7. Chinese food
  8. Turn down quantity of filled dumplings
  9. Oriental offering obscure problem
  10. Lower amount of money for fare from china
  11. Obscure report of a certain exotic food
  12. Vague problem producing chinese food
  13. Chinese appetiser of steamed dumplings containing various fillings
  14. Vague amount paid for chinese course
  15. Chinese appetizer mix
  16. Chinese restaurant choice
  17. Problem with thick oriental dish
  18. Stupid problem - something to take away?
  19. Some chinese subtract three from five to leave six, perhaps?
  20. Chinese dish, includes dumplings
  21. Almost cents is all you need for chinese food
  22. Hazy, a bit, in pronouncing chinese cuisine
  23. Not enlightened over everything in chinese food
  24. Pork rolls and such
  25. It usually features dumplings
  26. Selection of chinese appetizers
  27. Bite-sized cantonese dish
  28. Chinese dish served on small plates
  29. Appetizer sampler
  30. Selection of chinese foods as appetizer
  31. Asian beginner totally challenged intellectually?
  32. Chinese food, barely visible amount
  33. Exotic food detailed in menu: such unusual mixture for starters
  34. Steamed dumplings e.g.
  35. Cuisine often served in steamer baskets
  36. Foreign food, far from light quantity
  37. Total unclear for chinese meal?
  38. Chinese dumpling dish
  39. Chinese food assortment
  40. Bite-sized appetizers
  41. Chinese meal, a variety of dishes served in small portions
  42. Chinese dumplings
  43. Stupid amount for chinese dish
  44. Chinese appetiser of steamed dumplings containing fillings
  45. Bite-sized chinese dish
  46. Faint + ill-lit?
  47. What to have at chinese restaurant? it’s no great intellectual problem
  48. Meal that might include turnip cake
  49. Bite sized chinese dumplings
  50. Lo mai gai etc.
  51. Bite sized chinese steamed buns
  52. Traditional cantonese meal