1. Like
  2. Pretty up
  3. Consider following art movement and paint
  4. Give one an order to paint?
  5. Trim, as a tree
  6. Ornament
  7. To make more attractive by adding extra items
  8. To adorn
  9. To adorn something with ornaments
  10. To make a speech after the end of the year would add the finishing touch to it
  11. Give one an order: 'put up the ornaments!'
  12. Last month to make speech and confer award
  13. Put ornaments on
  14. Add ornamentation to
  15. Adorn, with 'up'
  16. Pin medals on, to make look prettier
  17. Adorn, embellish
  18. Work on a tree, maybe
  19. Last month, old judge produced paper
  20. Honour city men during night out
  21. Christmas time: what to do on soapbox to get spruce up
  22. Month men put away ornament
  23. Pin a medal on
  24. Germany and europe speak, getting award
  25. Confer a medal on deck
  26. At the end of the month it will not make it plain to make a speech like that
  27. By the end of december shortly make a speech, but that will not make it plain
  28. Give an order -- to paint?
  29. Ornament created afresh with ring inside
  30. Not a plain way to speak at the end of last month
  31. Adorn, beautify
  32. In honour of french commune's leader, make speech
  33. Award a medal for dress?
  34. Spruce up last month's lecture
  35. 'adorn, beautify (8)'
  36. 'adorn, embellish (8)'
  37. Doctor created the first organic paint
  38. Festoon city with gold during meeting
  39. Make a speech at the end of last month to add some colour to it
  40. Adorn cakes with embellishments
  41. Adorn eggs with paint for easter
  42. To put baubles and tinsel on a christmas tree
  43. Embellish, enhance the appearance of something
  44. Do up a room with paint and new accessories
  45. To put up streamers and balloons for a party
  46. Paint or wallpaper a room
  47. To adorn a cake, tree or house; to make pretty
  48. Apply paint or wallpaper to
  49. Beautify by additions
  50. Adorn with ornaments
  51. Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye
  52. Add ornament to
  53. Adorn a room in advance of an event
  54. Adorn a room with pretty items
  55. Embellish something with paint and glitter
  56. Put sweet coating and sprinkles on cakes
  57. Add things to a space to improve its appearance
  58. Choose furniture and paint a room
  59. Trim ones house with autumn adornments
  60. Give the house a new look, with paint or furniture
  61. Put paint or wallpaper on walls
  62. Adorn, embellish do this to a room for a party
  63. Paint, design and style a new house to taste
  64. Make something look nicer adorn
  65. Adorn change the appearance of a room

Crosswords containing the word "DECORATE"

  1. Decorate, as a pumpkin
  2. Decorate elegantly
  3. Decorate
  4. Decorate as a cake
  5. Decorate again
  6. Decorate nobleman with head turned around?
  7. Decorate or give title to national trust
  8. Richly decorate
  9. Decorate anew
  10. Decorate (food)