1. Butcher's chopper
  2. Intelligent to hide a chopper
  3. One cuts start of christmas holiday and runs
  4. Family name of 50's-60's
  5. Butcher's need
  6. Tv family name
  7. Chops primarily one's splitting, as tool
  8. Tool that's swung
  9. Slaughterhouse staple looks like hatchet
  10. Rectangular shaped hatchet used in the kitchen
  11. Able to hold a large knife
  12. Chop chopper
  13. Head of company, one going off in chopper
  14. 'leave it to beaver' surname
  15. Quick to learn about a cutting-edge device
  16. Skilful when holding a chopper
  17. A butcher may use it to cut credit without permission
  18. Butcher's chopping tool
  19. Smart case for a tool
  20. After a century, that's one who goes and makes a split
  21. Butcher's knife
  22. Far from stupid to carry a knife
  23. Meat chopper
  24. Skilful when holding a knife
  25. A clever sort of axe
  26. King charles about to depart — here's the chopper
  27. Able to hold a dangerous object?
  28. … crafty, bearing a chopper
  29. Butcher knife
  30. Meat axe
  31. Butcher shop hacker
  32. Expert carrying a 19
  33. Hatchet for chopping meat
  34. Conservative, one departing in a chopper
  35. Butcher's tool
  36. Large kitchen knife for segmenting meat
  37. Heavy, broad-bladed knife used by butchers
  38. Blade for chopping meat
  39. One breaking sharp knife
  40. Rectangular shaped hatchet used to cut meat
  41. Meat cutter
  42. One on the chopping block
  43. Butchers staple
  44. Heavy knife
  45. Butcher's knife, used for chopping meat
  46. Hatchet style knife associated with butchers
  47. Mark darcys rival in bridget jones books, daniel
  48. Large stone tool for chopping bones
  49. Butchers use this broad knife to chop meat
  50. Conservative brexiteer, one making cuts
  51. Large rectangular knife that looks like a hatchet

Crosswords containing the word "CLEAVER"

  1. Use a cleaver
  2. Cleaver or lever
  3. Beaver cleaver expletive
  4. Birds with "meat cleaver"
  5. Ward cleaver and others
  6. Beaver cleaver's exclamation
  7. Marge simpson or june cleaver
  8. Theodore cleaver casually
  9. Young cleaver, for short
  10. Birds with 'meat cleaver' bills