1. Like
  2. Whirlybird
  3. Policeman has hours in helicopter
  4. One cuts start of county cricket, say
  5. Aircraft that comes down on the block?
  6. Policeman arresting husband with axe
  7. Flying tooth?
  8. Policeman gaining height in this?
  9. Aircraft taken by lizzie borden
  10. After a century aircraft has gone on by leaps
  11. Axe caught rabbit?
  12. Air transport that's used by a lumberjack
  13. Hatchet henry arrested?
  14. Axe hospital that's protected by policeman
  15. Axe caught insect
  16. "m*a*s*h" arrival
  17. Policeman grabbing husband's axe
  18. An axe, or a slang helicopter
  19. Aircraft made of metal gaining height after start
  20. Policeman holding henry's egg-beater
  21. A helicopter or an axe
  22. In helicopter it's cold - jumper needed
  23. Aircraft improperly used by washington?
  24. Axe the helicopter?
  25. Hard to break metal axe
  26. 70s raleigh bike style with elongated saddle
  27. Policeman circling hospital in helicopter
  28. Comes to take off your head, in oranges and lemons
  29. An informal helicopter, or an axe
  30. Informal name for a helicopter
  31. Axe or motorbike
  32. Motorbike with extended handlebars and a low seat
  33. Raleigh __, stylized 70s bike with long seat
  34. Hard to penetrate metal — here's an axe
  35. Axe
  36. Nickname for a helicopter
  37. Slang for helicopter
  38. Axe inclusion of light gas in conductive metal
  39. Small hand axe
  40. Machine that slices and cuts vegetables
  41. Motorcycle from bikers in 1950s california
  42. Real name of nick, tin woodman in the land of oz
  43. Style of motorcycle or short for helicopter
  44. Police officer bagging husbands axe
  45. Classic raleigh bicycle model, launched 1969
  46. Helicopters nickname
  47. Axe policeman for smuggling heroin
  48. Large but short axe

Crosswords containing the word "CHOPPER"

  1. Butcher's chopper
  2. Chopper landing spots
  3. Teach me to fly a chopper in the jungle?
  4. Climber's chopper
  5. Chopper part
  6. Intelligent to hide a chopper
  7. Around half of tree, chopper rebounded further
  8. Hang like a chopper
  9. Chopper topper
  10. Chopper in the vietnam war