1. Like
  2. All the rage
  3. Is smart
  4. Stylish husband, one going into clubs twice
  5. Nattily dressed
  6. Elegantly fashionable
  7. In the style of
  8. Stylish
  9. Shabby
  10. Voguish
  11. Very in
  12. Very stylish
  13. Fashionable
  14. Trendy
  15. ___ vogue
  16. Smart military leader seizing entry to harbour
  17. Elegant and stylish
  18. Stylishly elegant
  19. End of the word ladder
  20. Smart and fashionable
  21. Very smart
  22. Smart young thing dropping back
  23. High fashion
  24. Radical ___
  25. Height of fashion?
  26. Stylishly fashionable
  27. Sophisticated
  28. Fashionably elegant
  29. Elegant
  30. Elegantly stylish
  31. Stylin'
  32. Stylish little bird with tail hidden
  33. Stylishness
  34. French elegance
  35. Quite the fashion plate
  36. Cowardly fellow stopped being elegant
  37. "good times" band
  38. Classy
  39. Hippie girl mostly fashionable
  40. Fashionably smart
  41. Smart - elegant - fashionable
  42. A la mode
  43. Elegant young woman docked
  44. Elegant windy city long since forgotten
  45. In the latest style
  46. Bird's endlessly stylish
  47. In, in the fashion world
  48. Smart and stylish, in a french kind of way
  49. Smart part of church i congregate in
  50. Conservative in style
  51. Elegant, fashionable
  52. Bird's endlessly elegant
  53. Bit of butterscotch ice cream in vogue
  54. Fashion-forward
  55. Quite fashionable
  56. Elegant clubs curtailed bumpkin
  57. Young woman cut with it?
  58. Companion i begin to cherish has style
  59. 'le freak' disco group
  60. Psychically tied up in what's stylishly elegant
  61. Smart clubs welcome conservative
  62. High style
  63. Looking smart
  64. Smart but faint-hearted, lacking knowledge
  65. Hardly dð“â©classð“â©
  66. Sounds as if a little bird tells me it's so smart
  67. Smart, to a fashionista
  68. Tony, the ___
  69. Theresa leaves cheshire cat with tony
  70. "blondie" creator young
  71. Elegant hotel in island group west of cuba
  72. They brought you good times
  73. Girl is snubbed in style
  74. Catholic dismisses a lot that's in vogue
  75. Elegantly and stylishly fashionable
  76. Elegantly attired
  77. Well turned out
  78. Stylishly turned out
  79. Smart hippie girl's losing weight
  80. "le freak" band
  81. Smart in style
  82. Stylish in french way
  83. "trã¨s __"
  84. How smart of the little bird to have shed its tail!
  85. Dressy
  86. A bird short of style
  87. Heroin ___
  88. Fashionable marx, though baseless
  89. Endive or last of celery missing with it
  90. Quite stylish
  91. Stylish character in greek clubs
  92. Fashionable young woman's cut
  93. A smart little bird has no tail
  94. '70s "everybody dance" disco band
  95. Tailless hatchling is elegant
  96. Jimmy helms was gonna make you one that you couldn't refuse
  97. Stylish yellow firing range
  98. Currently stylish
  99. Stylishness displayed by us city? not in the past
  100. Stylish and elegant, as in france
  101. Smart bird with no tail
  102. Fashionable little bird losing its tail
  103. First in class - in latin, this is smart
  104. Stylish, smart
  105. Unwanted sounds
  106. Geek
  107. Dressed by armani, e.g
  108. Initially cold haddock is considered smart
  109. How smart of the little one to have lost its tail!
  110. Elegant young woman? not entirely
  111. Smart bird yields knowledge
  112. Stylish young woman? not quite
  113. Like much oscar-night attire
  114. Snazzy
  115. Smart and stylish
  116. Stylish young woman? no end
  117. "blondie" cartoonist young
  118. Elegant us city with no past
  119. Elegant young woman rudely cut short
  120. Word after shabby or geek
  121. Stylish greeting framed by county council
  122. Stylish us city, previously obscured
  123. Elegant and stylishly fashionable
  124. Stylish companion having complete control
  125. Stylishly put together
  126. Oh so stylish
  127. '70s r&b/disco band
  128. Tony from california locally opens comfortable homes in cork
  129. Elegance caesar initiated here in ancient rome
  130. Stylish, right now
  131. Stylish greeting in a copy
  132. Fashionable range no longer in yellow
  133. Stylish youngster ditching anorak at last
  134. Sounding a little foul but smart
  135. Smart little bird, not fully-fledged
  136. Modish
  137. On the best-dressed list
  138. Trendy, as clothing
  139. Cartoonist young
  140. Currently fashionable
  141. Fashionable and stylish
  142. Stylishly dressed
  143. Dressed in a stunning gown with pearls, say
  144. Swank
  145. Stylish and elegant
  146. Soigné
  147. Manx bird's style
  148. Smart, in a way
  149. Suitable for a gala event
  150. In which i combine style and elegance
  151. Disco "i want your love" band
  152. Geek ___ (nerdy style)
  153. Stylish chapter introduced by greek letter
  154. Band with the 1970s hits le freak and good times
  155. Currently in vogue
  156. Super-stylish
  157. Us group founded by nile rodgers and bernard edwards whose self-titled debut album was released in 1977
  158. How current fashionistas look
  159. Sporting the latest
  160. Modernly fashionable
  161. Fashionably turned-out
  162. How smart of the little bird to have lost its tail
  163. It's smart for the little bird to have its tail off
  164. It's so smart for the little bird to have had its tail docked
  165. Looks smart for little bird to have no tail
  166. Returning fast from paris, one to go through
  167. Young woman for the most part elegant
  168. Young bird lacking the knowledge to be fashionable
  169. Smart bird ditches bloke
  170. Fashionable greeting in conservative circles primarily
  171. Stylish elegant
  172. Fit for the runway
  173. Switzerland i see is in vogue
  174. In vogue for duplicate letters to include greeting
  175. Shabby ___ (interior design style involving faux antiques)
  176. Fashionable good taste
  177. En vogue
  178. Smartly elegant
  179. Highly stylish
  180. Smartly stylish
  181. All the rage
  182. In celsius, one divides hot and cold
  183. Stylish and smart
  184. Elegant, smart
  185. Style of greeting in cricket club
  186. In vogue
  187. Soign
  188. Snappy greeting between clubs repeated
  189. Smart hotel guarded by top soldier initially
  190. Smart greeting adopted by conservatives
  191. Smart girl dismissing knight
  192. Very much in vogue
  193. Hatchling hiding tail with it

Crosswords containing the word "CHIC"

  1. 'that is trés chic ... and i'm letting you know i am also trés chic by speaking in a french accent'
  2. Boho-chic footwear
  3. Boho-chic accessory
  4. Chic, in the '60s
  5. ___-chic (hippie-inspired fashion)
  6. Model with the global chic fashion line
  7. ___-chic (fashion style)
  8. Prefix with chic
  9. No longer chic
  10. Most chic