1. Xmas food box with bit of tuck that student group wraps
  2. Snacks roasting on an open fire?
  3. Maybe they are no longer funny trees
  4. '...roasting ___ open fire'
  5. Tree fruits called conkers - some are edible
  6. Hoary jokes
  7. Where the heart is crazy for trees?
  8. Old jokes they crack at christmas
  9. Box mad horses
  10. The stale and overfamiliar 22 across on revolutionary road
  11. Common tree-fruits, sometimes roasted
  12. Dreadful stench on return of manx stud horses
  13. __ roasting on an open fire christmas lyrics
  14. Old jokes that need to be cracked?
  15. Nat king cole sang that they roast on open fires
  16. Edible tree fruits, can be roasted on an open fire
  17. Sweet nuts that can be roasted on an open fire
  18. Brown, shiny tree nuts that are roasted
  19. __ roasting on an open fire; nat king cole lyrics
  20. Horse __, tree fruits collected in the woods
  21. Water __, round white veggies used in chinese food
  22. Type of nuts used to make marrons glaces
  23. Roast them on an open fire at xmas
  24. __ roasting on an open fire – festive song
  25. Brown tree fruit roasted on an open fire
  26. Water __, crunchy aquatic vegetable in stir-fries
  27. Water __, crunchy aquatic veg used in chinese food
  28. Box with crazy old jokes?
  29. __ roasting on an open fire, christmas song
  30. English translation of french word "marrons"
  31. Christmas lyric, roasting on an open fire
  32. Christmas treats roasted on an open fire
  33. Edible nuts often roasted and eaten warm
  34. Crunchy, white tuber vegetables, water
  35. Water , actually veggies, used in asian meals
  36. Buy these to roast on an open fire at christmas
  37. Conker like food sold on market stalls in winter
  38. Cliches etc thus translated to cover new section

Crosswords containing the word "CHESTNUTS"

  1. Chestnuts
  2. Prepares, as chestnuts
  3. Cook, as chestnuts
  4. A few chestnuts, perhaps, as clues offering perplexed solver entry, initially
  5. It's smoked chestnuts and hazelnut
  6. Cooked like chestnuts tonight
  7. Unlike chestnuts
  8. Cooked chestnuts
  9. Prepare chestnuts
  10. Preserved chestnuts