1. A privilege to carry bill's make-up
  2. Quality tea time during a competition run
  3. Distinctive nature
  4. Make a case (for)
  5. Part of a letter
  6. Theatrical make-up fellow dismissed by agent
  7. Letter card
  8. Role - nature
  9. Mark of quality
  10. Rent bill included in letter
  11. Letter or number
  12. Disposition revealed in letter
  13. Eccentric performance by queen follows daily
  14. Npc means non-player __
  15. __ clown has a specific costume
  16. Alice is the main __ in alice in wonderland
  17. Person or animal in a book movie or play
  18. Set of qualities that distinguish a person
  19. In that role, with ''as''
  20. Individual qualities a conservative put into constitution
  21. Letter or figure
  22. Nature of account in document
  23. Mapmaker admits a cold constitution
  24. A conservative in authority shows personality
  25. Stamp letter card
  26. Part i, for example
  27. Eccentric cleaner to do entrances to every room
  28. A person in fiction
  29. Card one of the people dramatically played
  30. Bond eats a cold kidney
  31. Stamp individual card
  32. So kind as to start as washerwoman and a trace more
  33. A letter or card
  34. Phish "billy breathes" jam "___ zero"
  35. Person of authority seizing account
  36. Person in a novel or play
  37. Part of testimonial
  38. Type a, for example
  39. Kidney card
  40. Person in a play; letter
  41. Daily show on queen personality
  42. Associated with comedy by lucas
  43. Type - letter
  44. Nonconformist bill breaching the constitution
  45. A card or a letter?
  46. Rare catch made of unusual fish
  47. Eccentric symbol
  48. Sort letter and card
  49. For example, i could be eccentric
  50. Letter from personality
  51. Eccentric personality's reputation
  52. A conservative in authority shows integrity
  53. The car twice broke down; that's its nature
  54. Eccentric style
  55. Imaginary person in fiction
  56. Formal document incorporating a country's initial constitution
  57. Part played by actor in cast
  58. Daily function, exterminator to be shown empty property
  59. Personal moral qualities
  60. Imaginary person in a work of fiction
  61. A person depicted in a novel or a play
  62. Individual symbol in chinese written language
  63. Ethical quality
  64. Body of water whose name means 'between land'
  65. A person in a book, play or film is called a __
  66. The c in ocr, or optical __ recognition
  67. It's in our morals, computers and writing systems
  68. Figure in a book, film or play
  69. Written symbol in the chinese language
  70. A figure in a book or a film
  71. In this assassination no one dies
  72. Eccentric testimonial
  73. A specific role played
  74. __ witness; person who can vouch for you
  75. Witness that can speak to person’s good name
  76. Protagonist or antagonist in a story
  77. Person in a fictional story
  78. According to heraclitus, "__ is destiny"
  79. Part i for instance
  80. Actor plays this on tv, a role in a story
  81. Person in a picture book
  82. Privilege to receive current letter
  83. Ordered the two cars actor needs to get into one
  84. Figure in a book or a story
  85. Pretend personality one takes on in steampunk garb
  86. A role in a play or movie
  87. Figure or person in a book
  88. Single letter, number or symbol
  89. Person in a book, could be the protagonist
  90. Formal document containing a catholics letter
  91. Letter or symbol
  92. Single letter or made up person
  93. Could be a letter, could be a number

Crosswords containing the word "CHARACTER"

  1. Professor --, a character in 'cluedo'professor --, a character in 'cluedo'
  2. Reese's 'legally blonde' character or daryl's 'kill bill' character
  3. ___ white (clue character)___ white (clue character)
  4. ___ peacock (clue character)___ peacock (clue character)
  5. Cipher in which leading character initially changes to last character
  6. Character said what tells character when to speak
  7. Cluedo character goes topless endlessly, like holly?cluedo character goes topless endlessly, like holly?
  8. 'clueless' character who calls cher 'a virgin who can't drive.''clueless' character who calls cher 'a virgin who can't drive.'
  9. ___ mustard (clue character)___ mustard (clue character)
  10. One ot character i substituted in the middle for another ot character