1. Arts and crafts class
  2. Pottery
  3. Potter's art
  4. They may get fired at fac
  5. One of the plastic arts
  6. Made of clay that has been hardened by heat
  7. Art of making objects out of clay
  8. Clay-based vases bowls and ornaments
  9. Articles of clay
  10. Dishes baked in the oven, perhaps
  11. Ming vases, e.g
  12. Pottery articles
  13. Baked artwork
  14. Mac's rice crumble sold by hardened potty bakers
  15. Potter's specialty
  16. Goods of fired clay
  17. Pottery, etc
  18. Specialty of some bakers
  19. Eric's mac (anag.)
  20. The art and technique of making pottery
  21. Potter's products
  22. Mac's rice bake sold by hardened potty bakers
  23. The art of the man at the wheel
  24. Fantasy literature grips generation (not old). potter responsible for this?
  25. Andy -, us artist, filmmaker
  26. Pots made from clay hardened by heat
  27. Something one might potter around with
  28. Electronic elements on underside of faux cream pottery
  29. The art of making pottery
  30. The art of creating items with clay
  31. Term for earthenware, porcelain, tiles, etc
  32. Objects that are made of baked clay
  33. Artistic pottery, tableware, etc
  34. Earthenware or porcelain vases
  35. The artform of pottery and sculpted clay
  36. Energy lacking in distribution of ice creams in pots
  37. A lot of ice creams melting in pots, perhaps

Crosswords containing the word "CERAMICS"

  1. Raw material used in glass-making, ceramics etc - red flaps
  2. Ceramics worker
  3. Wetter slop he deployed, where ceramics are made
  4. Teaches a ceramics class?
  5. Hard glossy substance applied to ceramics
  6. Oven for firing ceramics etc
  7. Ceramics shop oven
  8. Ceramics oven
  9. Ceramics or basket weaving
  10. Ceramics artisan