1. Basic reading
  2. Maker of powershot cameras
  3. Nameless writer chasing catholic clergyman
  4. Clergyman shot in billiard hall, we hear
  5. Hewlett-packard competito
  6. Church law
  7. Officially accepted works
  8. What fan fiction is not
  9. Group of books that an educated person is supposed to be familiar with
  10. Religious law
  11. Big name in cameras and copiers
  12. Maker of the eos and powershot cameras
  13. Is able to hold on, as a rule
  14. Cathedral cleric
  15. General rule
  16. Konica competitor
  17. Minolta alternative
  18. Chapter by unknown writer, or part of one
  19. Roughly nothing found in notes works
  20. Law works
  21. Religious doctrine
  22. Catholic soon to be 23
  23. General rule; cleric
  24. Works accepted as authent
  25. Contrapuntal composition
  26. Is able to proceed with church decree
  27. Member of a cathedral chapter
  28. Echo location
  29. Chapter by prolific author in body of literature
  30. Fired from the church, by the sound of it
  31. Group of established works
  32. Body of rules
  33. Church decree
  34. Able to get on in church, but sounds as if one may go off
  35. Body of works
  36. Eos camera maker
  37. Able to get no turn for the church (5)
  38. Ecclesiastical rule
  39. Trick taking in an ecclesiastic
  40. Gildon introduced him as a big noise in the church, they say
  41. Body of generally established principles for a given context
  42. List of works including chapter by prolific author, perhaps
  43. Name in cameras and copiers
  44. Continue to preserve law
  45. Office equipment giant
  46. Us prison rings broadcast back for man of the cloth
  47. See, say, unidentified writer's catalogue of principles
  48. Continue to preserve an ecclesiastic
  49. Works accepted as authentic
  50. Leader of cathedral? not yet, as a rule ...
  51. Introduction of conscription, soon to become law
  52. Article embodied in criminal law
  53. Part of chapter in a set of books
  54. Established precept
  55. Powershot camera maker
  56. General principle or kind of clergyman
  57. Rule by leader of conservatives soon?
  58. Piece with staggered melodies
  59. Law conservative -- but who wrote it?
  60. Ecclesiastical law
  61. Priest may be caught out soon
  62. Such literary works are genuine, as a rule
  63. Big gun, we hear, in the church?
  64. Minister in study digesting article
  65. Maybe shot in church this
  66. Clergyman caught on immediately
  67. Powershot maker
  68. Clergyman back working in prison
  69. Pachelbel work
  70. Church decree that sounds explosive
  71. He may not get fired from the church
  72. Is individual able to earn american title given to retired cleric?
  73. Neither date nor name specified, as a rule
  74. Faith, that's what he's fired with, by the sound of it
  75. You'll get plenty of such an insect under an embankment
  76. Churchman may get no backing
  77. Principle - church dignitary - regulation
  78. This may give rise to a report in church
  79. Literary scholars debate what's in it
  80. Is the end of 6 down able to be in church?
  81. General principle or senior priest
  82. Rule; clergyman
  83. Law that's practicable set up in prison
  84. Ecclesiastical law established by a church council
  85. Vixia camcorder maker
  86. Sounds as if one might go off in church, yet able to get on in it (5)
  87. Report of gun law
  88. Vatican law
  89. Shortly after conservative becomes a clergyman
  90. "frère jacques," e.g
  91. General principle; musical round
  92. Basic law or principle
  93. Sounds as if one may go off to church
  94. Chapter by unknown author in officially-accepted text
  95. Johann pachelbel's '-- in d'
  96. Able to get on in church
  97. Hewlett-packard competitor
  98. Writer's body of work
  99. Churchman writes article in study
  100. Great works, collectively
  101. May be fired from the church, by the sound of it
  102. Pachelbel composition
  103. General rule observed in a cathedral
  104. Cathedral priest
  105. Church code
  106. Clergyman; rule
  107. Maker of eos cameras
  108. What 4 across may become, by the sound of it, and go off, by the sound of it
  109. Pronouncement of a gun law
  110. Accepted standards
  111. Maker of cameras and copiers
  112. General rule; clergyman
  113. Works, collectively
  114. Camera and copier maker
  115. One in church may go off, by the sound of it
  116. Head of church's unidentified set of rules?
  117. Ecclesiastical laws
  118. Not 8 down that might go off in church, by the sound of it
  119. Priest accepted criterion
  120. Composition where entering voices do the initial theme
  121. Rebel camera producer
  122. One of the 19 can get on in the hierarchy
  123. Large kind of type in the chapter
  124. Sound made by large gun, as a rule
  125. Principle; list of recognised works
  126. Sounds as if he may get fired
  127. Bookkeeper has no nice word for list of books
  128. Body of law put number in prison
  129. Pachelbel's work as a clergyman?
  130. Round, general rule
  131. A set of religious texts regarded as genuine
  132. A river (often) runs through it
  133. Sounds as if one gets fired from the church
  134. Sounds as if one might go off in church
  135. Sounds as if 27 down might go off in church
  136. Sounds as if one goes off in church
  137. Not unfrocked, yet by the sound of it he might be fired from the church
  138. Camera and copier brand
  139. Is he fired with enthusiasm for religion?
  140. By and by under a century in church
  141. Although in church, it sounds as if one might get fired
  142. Might go off soundly in church
  143. Clerical gentleman’s weapon in speech
  144. Priest
  145. Church decree or law
  146. With 38-across slr since 1987
  147. Big camera maker from japan
  148. Lexmark rival
  149. Big name in cameras
  150. Camera brand that sounds like a weapon
  151. A clergyman and all his works?
  152. Member of the clergy caught on immediately
  153. One is found in chapter, as a rule
  154. ___ in d (pachelbel piece)
  155. Group of all time classic works
  156. Charlie meets unknown cleric
  157. Keep preserving the standard

Crosswords containing the word "CANON"

  1. Key of pachelbels canon: abbr
  2. Product of a canon/wurlit
  3. Canon model
  4. Canon competitor
  5. Canon, hampering a couple of bishops, remains
  6. Canon camera
  7. Canon camera line
  8. Canon's study includes liturgy and scripture
  9. Canon camera model
  10. Canon rival