1. Great misfortune
  2. Embattled mission cut short in town leading to tragedy
  3. Disaster
  4. Blow brings warmth after brief lull
  5. Disastrous event
  6. State accord is a disaster
  7. Jane has a beat in central london
  8. Damaging event
  9. Musical set in deadwood
  10. Disaster for a los angeles maiden in new york perhaps
  11. A strike in capital, perhaps, is disaster
  12. State goodwill may bring disaster
  13. Bad accident
  14. A strike in the financial centre spells disaster
  15. Disaster as western state cut off friendly relations
  16. Western frontier figure __ jane
  17. Disaster, sudden great misfortune
  18. State needing friendship in disaster
  19. A disaster, like western heroine jane
  20. Disaster! a los angeles medium's in town!
  21. Jane's disaster in film?
  22. A strike in london, eg, is a disaster
  23. Disaster, extreme misfortune
  24. Jane could be a disaster
  25. Catastrophe follows a strike in london, say
  26. A sad or disastrous happening
  27. A hit in new york maybe - or a disaster
  28. She is previously synonymous with tarzan's lady
  29. Disaster of town taking a hit
  30. Jane's grave disaster?
  31. Ruth once associated with jane?
  32. Disaster for wild west jane
  33. Disaster misfortune
  34. Great misfortune or disaster
  35. A thrash in large town is a disaster
  36. Disaster, great misfortune
  37. Great loss or misfortune
  38. Disaster, catastrophe
  39. Frontier scout, __ jane
  40. A disastrous event marked by great loss
  41. Gun-toting __ jane, aka martha jane burke
  42. __ jane, 50s musical starring doris day
  43. Terrible event
  44. A strike in uk's financial centre would be a catastrophe
  45. A hit in the financial district, or a disaster
  46. A strike in york, say, would be a catastrophe
  47. Doris day film __ jane
  48. Tragedy
  49. ___ jane deadwood role for robin weigert
  50. This jane appeared in wild bill hickok's show
  51. Jane, frontierswoman associate of buffalo bill
  52. __ jane, gun-toting doris day sings her heart out
  53. Musically, jane was a disaster
  54. Doriss musical disaster at start of the year, taking on lead in evita

Crosswords containing the word "CALAMITY"

  1. Calamity jane, e.g.
  2. Inexperience contributing to calamity out here
  3. Barely successful avoidance of calamity
  4. Calamity
  5. Calamity: attention and hard question brought into perspective
  6. Call in a calamity
  7. Coastline calamity
  8. Terrible calamity
  9. Plant disease - calamity
  10. Calamity, disaster