1. Bottled gas used as a fuel
  2. Lighter fuel
  3. Fuel gas
  4. Barbecuers supply
  5. Have only one pill and some lighter fluid
  6. Lighter fill
  7. Scottish island conceals a new fuel
  8. Bottled gas
  9. Cigarette lighter fill
  10. Organic compound used as fuel gas
  11. Torch with extremely flammable gas
  12. Liquid in a bic
  13. Although it gets the girl up, she may be fired
  14. Cordless curling-iron insert
  15. Gaseous fuel
  16. Camper's stove fuel
  17. Zippo filler
  18. Lighter fluid
  19. Could nothing save a backward girl from getting fired?
  20. Lighter stuff
  21. Lighter compound
  22. Lighter contents
  23. Gas in lighters
  24. Lighter liquid
  25. Although an e is needed to make this great gas
  26. Lighter gas
  27. Except for an e, that's great gas
  28. Only an e, yet it's great gas
  29. Lighter filler
  30. It's great gas, although an e makes it inflammable
  31. Bottled gas could offer a new energy to get behind yet
  32. Colourless highly flammable gas used as a lighter fluid
  33. Inflammable gas produced from petrol
  34. Save for an e it's all great gas
  35. G as it is, although an e would be more precise
  36. Only an e, yet great gas (6)
  37. Burns: great gas, but could be fiery with an e
  38. Gas in torches
  39. Fuel for a lighter
  40. Flammable gas used in aerosols
  41. Flammable liquid in lighters
  42. Gas used in torches and barbecues, formula c4h10

Crosswords containing the word "BUTANE"

  1. Gas escape from case of butane left by church
  2. Carbon molecule now mostly found in liquid butane
  3. Neon and butane
  4. Propane or butane
  5. Methane or butane
  6. Number of hydrogen atoms in butane
  7. Butane, for example
  8. It's hard to see such a cylinder running on butane
  9. Prefix with butane
  10. Neon, argon and butane