1. Like
  2. Brown-haired
  3. Clairol option
  4. Madonna, originally
  5. A dark girl's true bent, perhaps
  6. Having dark brown hair
  7. Clairol choice
  8. Having brown or black hair
  9. Dark-haired one
  10. Brown hair colour
  11. Person with dark brown hair
  12. It's not fair if yahoo restricts web
  13. Gambler briefly hampers race — it's not fair!
  14. ‘mona lisa’ e.g
  15. Typically unfair description of a woman
  16. Not being fair with a girl?
  17. Dark brown animal circles round trap
  18. Kind of dark girl
  19. Dark-haired woman
  20. The chairman in opposition never dithers
  21. Woman with dark hair
  22. Race in short cap, brown on top?
  23. Run into ms davis and ms taylor, perhaps
  24. Girl with dark brown hair
  25. She's not fair catch, nabbed by cruel person
  26. Fair beast caught in trap? no, just the opposite of both!
  27. Beast about to catch girl - not fair!
  28. 'that's not fair'
  29. What some dye to become
  30. Gambler's not right to keep sequence dark
  31. Davis run in? that's not fair
  32. Make beer clear, they say, with dark head
  33. Snare that 21 skirts? that's not fair
  34. Blonde-to-be, perhaps
  35. It's just not fair for one to be like this
  36. She's not fair
  37. One having dark brown hair
  38. She has dark hair
  39. Female with dark brown hair
  40. She's not blonde
  41. Dark-haired beast about to score
  42. Unpreferred female? superior but losing right to keep career
  43. What a blonde might really be
  44. She's certainly not a blonde
  45. Bump into miss davis, perhaps, in dark
  46. Colour of hair improved when cut with streak put in
  47. She's certainly not blond
  48. A woman with brown hair
  49. Brown-haired woman
  50. Brown-haired female
  51. One with brown locks 7 little words
  52. Hair dye option
  53. A woman with dark brown hair
  54. Dark-haired beast going around trap
  55. A term for people with brown hair
  56. Savage cover for the fish is not fair
  57. Dark haired animal getting outside trap
  58. Common dark hair shade
  59. Brown ale has no tax, reportedly?
  60. What a person with dark brown hair is called
  61. Woman with hair that isnt blonde, red or gray
  62. A woman of colour
  63. Person with black hair
  64. Term for brownish colored hair on a woman

Crosswords containing the word "BRUNETTE"

  1. Turned brunette maybe
  2. Change from brunette to b
  3. Go back to brunette, say
  4. Number brunette’s holding up
  5. Biased, as brunette is?
  6. Brunette-to-redhead jobs
  7. Goes brunette this time
  8. Not blonde or brunette
  9. “this brunette prefers work” autobiographer
  10. Neither blonde nor brunette may make a match of it