1. Angela's supporter, backing the queen, briefly
  2. South american country
  3. State capital's landau in need of repair
  4. Portuguese is this south american country's tongue
  5. Country where model gisele budchen was born
  6. Country with the largest catholic population
  7. Boga is known as piapara in __
  8. Country colonized by the portuguese in s. america
  9. Country with the largest orange production
  10. Largest south american country
  11. Havaianas sandals have been made here since 1962
  12. Natal's nation
  13. Where to find the maracana stadium
  14. Country of south america
  15. Largest coffee producer
  16. 7's country
  17. Mercosur member
  18. Home of the girl from ipanema
  19. Football world cup holders
  20. A nut
  21. Country - nut
  22. Black amphibian without tail turned up in the country
  23. Country charley's aunt came from
  24. Country's extremities on view in mostly excellent film
  25. Support needed by elizabeth, contrary nut
  26. Neighbor of peru
  27. Big carnival site
  28. Country whose flag reads 'ordem e progresso'
  29. Warm hooded jacket
  30. Largest latin-american country
  31. Rio setting
  32. This s american nut is large and three-sided
  33. Amazon site
  34. Rio's land
  35. 1992 earth summit host
  36. Country of rio de janeiro and sao paulo
  37. Nut; country
  38. Country and nut
  39. Cupholder elizabeth up in the country
  40. #5 nation by population
  41. South america's largest country
  42. Largest south american country
  43. 26 down underwear short woman returned
  44. Home of many nuts?
  45. Pelé's homeland
  46. Fifth-largest country
  47. Where the xingu flows
  48. Red wood; nut; country
  49. Five-time winners of football's world cup
  50. Rio's country
  51. Futuristic comedy; south american country
  52. The largest country in south america
  53. Country in south america whose largest city is sao paulo
  54. Most populated country starting with the letter b
  55. Copacabana's country
  56. Libra upset with last letter from country
  57. Country that hosted the 2016 summer olympics
  58. Country that's home to the faveiro de wilson tree
  59. The world's leading coffee-producing country
  60. Country closest to the island of ilha grande
  61. Nation of soccer legends pele and neymar
  62. Country where the bossa nova originated
  63. Country where coxhina is a popular snack
  64. Only south american country bordering 10 others
  65. Only country with the equator and a tropic line
  66. Only country to have played in every world cup
  67. Caipirinha country
  68. Country where corcovado mountain is located
  69. Only country bordering both uruguay and venezuela
  70. Such hard nuts as one may find in an american state
  71. Only american country with equator and a tropic
  72. Country that has won the most fifa world cups
  73. Sugarloaf mountain country in south america
  74. South american country with carnival celebrations
  75. Type of nut and south american country
  76. Largest south american country, speaks portuguese
  77. Brics country , russia, india, china, s africa
  78. Vast south american nation
  79. Country home to copacabana beach
  80. Only nation to have played in every fifa world cup
  81. South american country where "tchau" means goodbye
  82. Country thats home to the faveiro de wilson tree
  83. The south american country known for its carnival
  84. Largest country on the tropic of capricorn
  85. Host nation of the 2016 olympics
  86. Country in which the maxixe dance originated
  87. Country that hosted the 2016 rio olympics
  88. South american, portuguese speaking hot country
  89. Home nation of soccer star pele

Crosswords containing the word "BRAZIL"

  1. Actor jonathan of "brazil
  2. Braga from brazil
  3. Brazil, for one
  4. ___ paulo, brazil
  5. Greeting in brazil
  6. Brazil's whereabouts, briefly?
  7. Cruz ___, brazil
  8. Berry imported from brazil
  9. Brazil ___
  10. Saint in brazil