1. British couple carrying on about superhuman
  2. Not entirely human
  3. Superhuman, in a way
  4. Like tv's jaime sommers
  5. Having some replacement p
  6. Like tv's steve austin
  7. Not quite human, maybe
  8. Like steve austin or jaime sommers
  9. Artificial, like body parts
  10. Having mechanical body parts
  11. Electronically enhanced, in a way
  12. With e.g. powered limbs
  13. The six million dollar man
  14. Superhuman bloke is often needed in crisis initially
  15. Having some replacement parts?
  16. Like steve austin
  17. What jaime sommers was
  18. Steve austin description
  19. Having both human and electronic parts
  20. 'the woman' (lindsay wagner tv show)
  21. Superhuman bishop, a particular sort of greek
  22. Operated by electrical means, not naturally, like science-fiction man
  23. Bishop with classic order having non-human features?
  24. With superpowerful, artificial, body
  25. Like jaime sommers
  26. Having an electronic body part
  27. Electronically-enhanced (man)
  28. Starts to break into skating, almost superhuman
  29. The __ woman 70s sci fi show about jaime sommers
  30. Preternaturally strong
  31. Like a man or woman of old tv
  32. Jaime sommers, tv's "__ woman"
  33. Of person or faculties, operated by electronics
  34. With electromechanical body parts
  35. Of person, operated electronically, not naturally.
  36. In science fiction, being electronically powered
  37. Woman played by lindsay wagner in the 70s
  38. Having electronic body parts
  39. Writer's people accepting what's charged has mechanical parts
  40. Partly electronic and partly human
  41. People with artificial body parts are this
  42. Having artificial steampunk body parts
  43. With artificially enhanced body parts

Crosswords containing the word "BIONIC"

  1. Bionic part of the bionic
  2. Bionic part of the bionic woman
  3. The bionic woman's first
  4. Half-human half-machine bionic human
  5. "the bionic woman" __ sommers
  6. "the bionic woman" role
  7. California hometown of the bionic woman
  8. Bionic human
  9. "bionic ___" (2007 nbc remake)
  10. Bionic commando console, for short