1. Additions to an ice cream
  2. Cereal toppers
  3. They may be black and blu
  4. Puts the fruit underground, by the sound of them (7)
  5. The fruit sounding like what 24 across is
  6. They can be black, blue or straw
  7. Smoothie sweeteners
  8. Straw, blue and black
  9. Fruits from a patch
  10. Fruit topping on pancakes
  11. Holly features
  12. Additions to an ice cream sundae
  13. They may be black and blue
  14. Small fruits 7 little words
  15. Special k red ___ (breakfast cereal)
  16. Fruit from edges of espalier stuffed into cheeses
  17. Small, edible fruits found in hedgerows in autumn
  18. Fruits that can be red, black, blue, strawbs
  19. Small soft fruits that grow on bushes
  20. Sounds like what one does of late with fruit (7)
  21. Small, pulpy edible fruits
  22. Small fruits that don't grow on trees
  23. These fruits can be black__, rasp__, straw__
  24. Small round fruits such as redcurrants
  25. Straw, rasp, blue, and black are all these
  26. Small red and purple fruits used in toppings
  27. Cereal topping often
  28. Blackcurrants, redcurrants, cherries are all these
  29. They can be black or blue and eaten
  30. Sweet and soft summer fruits
  31. The bright red fruit of a holly tree
  32. Fruity plural ending to blue, straw, rasp
  33. Small juicy fruits with seeds

Crosswords containing the word "BERRIES"

  1. Gathered, as berries
  2. Collector of wild fungi, berries etc
  3. Small tree with purple berries
  4. Evergreen shrub with pink or white flowers and dark berries
  5. Berries buy, at a superma
  6. Plant producing red berries, nuts and some liquid
  7. Lemony spice derived from dried berries, served sprinkled over chickpea salads, hummus or grilled meat
  8. Plant with red berries
  9. Autumn berries are __ in hedgerows
  10. Classic pie made with tart not sweet berries