1. Chew (out)
  2. Scold harshly, with "at"
  3. Dress down
  4. Tongue-lash
  5. Member at election admitting rebuke
  6. Harangue
  7. Scold severely
  8. Jump
  9. Put down hard
  10. Sit on judge's carpet
  11. Scold or chide severely
  12. Scold about rebate
  13. Scold
  14. Admonish honey producer heard in front of judge
  15. Rebuke severely
  16. Angrily criticise
  17. Give an earful to
  18. Scold worker about to desert
  19. Angrily scold/criticise
  20. Rebate (anag.)
  21. Reprimand despicable person in the course of social occasion
  22. Might this be the speed at which one might scold?
  23. Tear into renegade captured by drone, say
  24. Reprove
  25. Censure angrily
  26. Scold, censure
  27. Four points for intelligence
  28. Carpet free? large one's dumped
  29. Castigate worker harbouring vermin
  30. Might this be the speed at which one would scold?
  31. Broadcast network staple
  32. Extremely bizarre charge for carpet
  33. Rebuke harshly
  34. Could this be the speed of the scold?
  35. Curse at beer being spilt
  36. Slate with a step back on top would let air in
  37. Could this be the way to scold at speed?
  38. Reproach worker maybe when protecting scoundrel
  39. Assail verbally
  40. Censure severely or angrily
  41. Reprimand busy worker for having returned pitch
  42. Read, watched or listened to
  43. Reprimand for new rebate
  44. Scold or criticise angrily
  45. Chide
  46. Scold, castigate
  47. Tell off, scold
  48. Might this be the speed to make s cold?
  49. Scold angrily
  50. Can this be the speed to read the riot act?
  51. Yell at, reprimand

Crosswords containing the word "BERATE"

  1. Berate, with "out"
  2. Berate - cook
  3. Berate
  4. Give ___ (berate)
  5. Berate some guy for getting too much sun?
  6. To reproach berate
  7. Berate profanely
  8. Upbraid, berate
  9. Scold, berate
  10. Berate pro, being an unprincipled person