1. Like
  2. Dynamic duo member
  3. “the dark knight”
  4. Cape wearer
  5. Michael keaton title role
  6. Gotham city do-gooder
  7. Half of the dynamic duo
  8. Cricketer losing heart becoming hero
  9. Comic book hero
  10. Billionaire playboy bruce wayne...or is he?
  11. Who said "the joke's on y
  12. Superhero, robin's partner
  13. Comic book character, an officer's personal servant
  14. Hero whose secret identity is bruce wayne
  15. Bruce wayne's secret identity
  16. Clayface is a villian in __ comics in 1940
  17. __ vs superman a movie released in 2016
  18. Bruce wayne caped crusader dark knight
  19. Cartoon hero from gotham city
  20. Christian bale plays __ in the dark knight movies
  21. Bishop, religious sort of soul who'd fight crime?
  22. Officer's personal assistant in the armed forces
  23. Caped crusader of cartoon and cinema
  24. Comics vigilante
  25. Superhero's sidekick?
  26. Robin's partner, heartless grace, perhaps
  27. Officer's servant or cartoon hero
  28. Officer's attendant
  29. Comic/film superhero
  30. Tender cricketer loses heart
  31. Bruce wayne's alter ego
  32. Comic book hero with robin as a sidekick
  33. Super pow!-er?
  34. Fly-by-night was associated with 9 across and looks after one on campaign trail perhaps
  35. He helps the officer, an american hero
  36. Cartoon hero or officer's servant
  37. Clooney, kilmer or keaton
  38. Carries war chest perhaps for fly-by-night picking up joe
  39. The joker's nemesis
  40. Penguin's adversary
  41. Caped crusader of gotham city, cartoon or cinema
  42. Officer's servant; the caped crusader
  43. For whom alfred pennyworth is a butler
  44. Christian bale role
  45. British military orderly and comic book hero
  46. One in attendance when stuffing is knocked out of cricketer?
  47. Comic hero and outlaw pinching cash machine
  48. Gotham city hero
  49. Robin's friend
  50. Caped crusader
  51. Val kilmer role
  52. Superhero ally of commissioner gordon
  53. Robin's pal
  54. Attendant finds cricketer losing heart
  55. Warner franchise
  56. Cash machine in bar gives help to one in a mess?
  57. Servant uses 2 in the 22 in common location, withdrawing large amount
  58. Penguin's foe
  59. Michael keaton title role, 1989
  60. Comics debut of 1939
  61. Gotham city v.i.p
  62. Hero with a mask
  63. Gotham hero
  64. Robin's companion
  65. Bantam assuming role of masked crusader
  66. Role for keaton and kilmer
  67. When one take things off you get this on in school
  68. Upcoming role for ben affleck
  69. Foe of poison ivy
  70. With 51-across, roles for 17-, 38- and 62-across
  71. Opens the merlot aged in prohibition serving someone on campaign trail perhaps
  72. British military orderly, with robin as a sidekick?
  73. Repeated role for christian bale
  74. 'british military orderly, with robin as a sidekick? (6)'
  75. Penguin's enemy
  76. 1939 debut
  77. Caped superhero
  78. One serves in the services and in the cartoon
  79. Opponent of 28-down, in comics
  80. Penguin's nemesis
  81. Robin's partner
  82. Army servant
  83. English cartoonist killing off english cartoon character
  84. Cricketer losing heart to hero
  85. Serving soldier
  86. Bale role
  87. Forces servant to be a comic character
  88. Gotham protector
  89. Caped superhero; named bruce wayne
  90. The dark knight
  91. Ben affleck superhero
  92. Penguin foe
  93. Superhero pal of robin
  94. Officer's assistant
  95. Hero assisted by alfred pennyworth
  96. Masked crusader of cartoon and film
  97. Cartoon hero of gotham city
  98. Caped crusader of gotham city
  99. This superhero's sidekick is called robin
  100. Adam west, the original __
  101. __ and robin, caped crime-fighters
  102. Character will arnett voices in the lego movie
  103. Caped-crusader who battles the joker and bane
  104. Bruce wayne's alter ego
  105. Robin's mentor
  106. Fought against the joker, the penguin and catwoman
  107. Bruce wayne turns into this superhero
  108. Personal servant to a military officer
  109. Gotham city crime-fighter
  110. Who said 'the joke's on you, riddler!'
  111. Army servant - comic character
  112. Robin was this superhero's longtime companion
  113. Joker battler
  114. Foe of two-face
  115. Gotham city protector
  116. Hero whose sidekick is robin
  117. Nighttime superhero
  118. Alfred and sidekick robins boss
  119. Superhero famous for his cape and cowl
  120. Poison ivy's enemy
  121. Robins mentor in the dc universe
  122. Member of the justice league
  123. Superhero known as the dark knight
  124. Military aide to call back shortly after flyer
  125. Character who features in the dark knight movies
  126. His superhero sidekick is robin, the boy wonder
  127. Superhero who battles the joker and the penguin
  128. Superhero whose alter ego lives in wayne manor
  129. Superhero who battles poison ivy

Crosswords containing the word "BATMAN"

  1. He played batman in the 1989 movie "batman"
  2. Luthor played by jesse eisenberg in the new batman movie that everyone can't wait for because there hasn't been a new batman movie in ages!
  3. Clue for batman, maybeclue for batman, maybe
  4. Batman actor ___ affleck in superman v batman
  5. Batman in batman forever
  6. He played batman in s batman wds
  7. Batman of orpheus carelessly holding up sun god?
  8. Batman before george
  9. Batman and robin, to catw
  10. Batman, really