1. Exile
  2. Drive away with panini filling during celebration
  3. Send away
  4. Drive away
  5. Cast out
  6. Drive away from party around half nine
  7. Condemn to exile
  8. Send far, far away, maybe
  9. Send (someone) away
  10. Some have the power to __ us to another dimension
  11. Northern ireland party about to enforce exile
  12. Party crashed by regulars in unlit bar
  13. Drive away one's husband following disqualification
  14. Do without minims in the middle bar
  15. Drive out in attempt to cross north island
  16. Drive out in attempt to cross part of uk
  17. So to have a smashing time around ulster is enough to make one 33 across
  18. Expel or expatriate
  19. Exile returning home enters party
  20. Send into exile
  21. Send away for backing in invading party
  22. Expel from bar half of parish
  23. Cast out, ostracise
  24. Outlaw bar is near hotel
  25. Throw out article accepted in error
  26. Scholar finds crime rising at hotel bar
  27. Dismiss, send away
  28. Send away forever
  29. Strike about ulster to get rid of it
  30. Knock around ulster and they may send you away (6)
  31. Send someone out of a country as official punishment
  32. Hazardously bash in then drive away
  33. Some cuban is happy in exile
  34. Drive away, maybe from country
  35. If you knock around ulster like this, they will make you go away
  36. Cast out, ostracize
  37. Drive away from party, about to return home
  38. Party to entertain province's exile
  39. Send away as punishment
  40. Outlaw's attempt to cross six counties
  41. Exile in ash-bin
  42. Expel from a community
  43. Drive away one's husband after disqualification
  44. Knock around ulster like this and they may send you away
  45. Party admitting northern ireland exile
  46. Forcibly exile
  47. Bar is close to hotel - get away from me!
  48. Throw out northern ireland leaders found in party
  49. Exile (someone)
  50. Deport, exile
  51. Dismiss party protecting northern ireland
  52. Expel from a community or group
  53. 'cast out, ostracise (6)'
  54. If you knock around ulster like this they may throw you out
  55. To excommunicate
  56. Drive away, exile, cast out evil spirits
  57. Punish someone by sending them away
  58. A superhero power: to __ to another dimension

Crosswords containing the word "BANISH"

  1. Humour's in short supply following trump's latest plan to banish extremists
  2. Corrections to banish url digital cleanser
  3. Succeeded with valour to banish a destructive force
  4. Banish to hades
  5. 'banish' lisped is terrible
  6. Banish from island, say
  7. Formally banish
  8. Banish rubbish here
  9. Banish pet biting bishop
  10. Banish from one's country