1. Wedding staple
  2. Halftime crew
  3. Loop; rock group
  4. Join
  5. Rock group?
  6. The rolling stones or smashing pumpkins
  7. Stripe
  8. Range of frequencies
  9. Singer's backup
  10. Black and blue?
  11. The beatles or the stones
  12. Confederate
  13. As a group
  14. Wedding ring?
  15. Boston or chicago, e.g.
  16. Parade group?
  17. Unadorned ring
  18. Musician ultimately in wrong group
  19. Musical group
  20. Capital of tibet
  21. Word after string or rubb
  22. Belt; group of musicians
  23. Wedding entertainers
  24. The merry men, e.g.
  25. Musical group prohibited on radio
  26. With brass
  27. Am or fm specification
  28. Group at school athletic
  29. Group of musicians
  30. Wedding reception staple
  31. Musical combo?
  32. Musicians not allowed to be heard
  33. Small orchestra
  34. Bar limits in back of beyond
  35. Arctic monkeys or alabama shakes, for example
  36. The eagles or the byrds
  37. Report of forbidden group one can 18
  38. Feeling uncomfortable over new ring
  39. Car accessory associated by kipling with nineveh
  40. Wedding ring or musicians
  41. Group; frequency range
  42. Musicians not allowed in audition
  43. Word after rubber or brass
  44. Outlaw died in gang
  45. Ratt or poison
  46. Musicians forbidden to speak
  47. Wedding expense
  48. Zone; group
  49. Halftime marchers
  50. Wedding need … or booking
  51. Mcnamara's ensemble
  52. A collection of musicians in ring
  53. Strip club
  54. Listening to illegal group
  55. Group that should play well together
  56. Wings, for instance
  57. Group not allowed on the radio
  58. It can be rubber or brass
  59. Music group
  60. Group in a pit
  61. Amped-up group
  62. Reportedly prohibited a group of players
  63. Cigar collectible
  64. A ring or a musical group
  65. The sort of players you'd want for a strip show
  66. Rubber product
  67. Act in concert
  68. Strip, belt; playing group
  69. Musicians defining council tax?
  70. Name engraved in worthless ring
  71. Wedding feature, in two different senses
  72. Strip; group
  73. Its music is forbidden to the listener
  74. Belt, musicians
  75. Kansas or alabama
  76. Combo
  77. The ____ 1989 music hall of fame inductee
  78. Orchestra
  79. Prohibit democratic group
  80. Musicians' circle
  81. Alabama or kansas
  82. Word after string or rubber
  83. Ring or musical group (4)
  84. Strip for playing
  85. Robin hood's merry men, e.g.
  86. Bowled as well as some players
  87. Ring or musicians
  88. Performers on a 3-down
  89. Instrumental musical group
  90. Hot chocolate or vanilla fudge
  91. Chicago, for one
  92. Wedding symbol or group
  93. Rush, for one
  94. Where the music goes round and round, but with age it gets to be a bind
  95. Pop group; stripe
  96. One of those in line-up might be responsible for 21 across
  97. ''marching'' musical group
  98. Name shown inside worthless ring
  99. Wedding choice
  100. Myth
  101. With 61-across, quick fix
  102. Brass or steel follower
  103. Deejay alternative
  104. Pearl jams's group
  105. U2, for one
  106. Does this provide music for the strip?
  107. Nickelback is the best one of all time, amirite?
  108. Combo or sextet
  109. Ensemble of a sort
  110. Boston or chicago
  111. Word with brass or rubber
  112. Baking blind limits the group
  113. It uses amps
  114. Players forbidden to compete, by the sound of it
  115. Might they play for a strip club?
  116. Group of urban districts
  117. Wrong to admit new company
  118. 24 down as member of trio, together with group of musicians
  119. Chicago or boston
  120. Bar opening daily in ring
  121. Wedding reception entertainers
  122. Pop group excluded from audition
  123. Musicians - gang
  124. Halftime entertainment
  125. Belt; group
  126. Group of halftime performers
  127. Nirvana or chicago
  128. Name engaged in worthless ring
  129. Wedding ring, e.g
  130. '76 trombones' group
  131. It may be marching
  132. Bishop with group
  133. With age the orchestra might be wound on the wound
  134. Stop daughter joining group
  135. The rolling stones e.g.
  136. Group performing at coachella perhaps
  137. Pink floyd or green day
  138. Twenty one pilots for one
  139. The beatles or the rolling stones for example
  140. Tour group?
  141. Musical group like the beatles
  142. Might one provide music for a strip show?
  143. Performing group at halftime
  144. Rubber ___ (stretchy item you might find in a desk organizer)
  145. Zac brown ___
  146. Pink floyd or green day for one
  147. Nuptial ring
  148. Musicians prohibited on radio
  149. With 45-across, what each of the long across entries are
  150. Garbage or poison
  151. Halftime performers
  152. Group outlawed on the radio
  153. We hear illicit tape
  154. Group of renegades
  155. Alabama shakes or sparklehorse
  156. Marching ___ (music group on a high school football field)
  157. Rock group like metallica
  158. Touring group
  159. Ironically it might leave a ring when removed
  160. Marching musicmakers
  161. Word after garage or grunge

Crosswords containing the word "BAND"

  1. "drop band a on band b? band b wins, no contest."
  2. ___ brothers band (apt name for a band founded by six guys)
  3. 'mr. roboto' band appearing with the 'ruby tuesday' band?
  4. 'making the band' band
  5. "band b wins, since band a only has a tolerance for booze."
  6. Mtv-created "making the band" band
  7. 'making the band' band that was, aptly, from orlando
  8. "you'd think band a would hold up, but it's flimsy. band b wins."
  9. Alternative band that sounds like every other alternative band?
  10. Band with a 'part ii' offshoot band