1. One traveling in a basket
  2. Increase rapidly when everyone's in favour
  3. Party popper?
  4. Swell, increase rapidly
  5. Party decoration
  6. Rubber bag inflated with air or helium
  7. Rubber container filled with helium or air
  8. Dance with nothing on? swell!
  9. Mowgli's teacher's name on outside of large inflatable bag
  10. Everyone will come into bonus and get fat
  11. Bag filled with gas or air
  12. Inflatable - rapidly expand
  13. It's round with round on it gets blown up
  14. One blown up for party
  15. One gets blown up round, round, round north
  16. One will get up and get around to the dance with nothing on
  17. Benefit everyone claimed which is subject to inflation?
  18. Everyone taking part in benefit? swell!
  19. Helium container
  20. Word that can follow the first parts of 16- and 58-across and 10- and 32-down
  21. Montgolfier transport
  22. Bag black bird near a lake
  23. Air transport's a blessing, excluding none?
  24. Colorful party decoration
  25. Sometimes made to hold one's breath
  26. Round and round on the up and up
  27. Everything in the present is likely to go up
  28. Blessing everyone coming in is swell
  29. Air-filled bag
  30. Round and round on what's blown up
  31. Revolutionary party idiot -- symbol of party?
  32. Dance around criminal losing the head to shoot up
  33. Almost naked diver: trouble when one goes up
  34. In which charlie brown expressed himself as completely in favour
  35. In a blessing everything will go up
  36. Benefit with everyone aboard light aircraft?
  37. One of the party windbags?
  38. Become inflated
  39. Round and round and round the north one gets blown up
  40. Swell, everything gift-wrapped?
  41. Fill it with air or helium
  42. Laboratory comes back with local dipstick for gas consumer
  43. Round and round on getting blown up
  44. Party prop
  45. Dance with nothing on but a party decoration
  46. Inflatable rubber bag
  47. __ glass huge round vessel for drinking g&ts
  48. Floating attraction in a parade
  49. Hot-air conveyance
  50. It flies using hot air
  51. Inflatable rubber bag, could be filled with hot air
  52. Inflatable thin rubber ball
  53. Inflatable sphere, may contain hot air
  54. Rubber filled with helium for fun
  55. The moon's a __, david niven autobiography
  56. Girl with a __, a piece of banksy wall art
  57. Banksy's little girl lets go of a heart-shaped __
  58. Inflated sphere
  59. An air-filled decoration popular at parties
  60. "down like a lead __"
  61. A helium-inflated party decoration
  62. Air-filled rubber ball seen at kids' parties
  63. Inflatable rubber bag that can be filled with gas
  64. A speech __ contains the words in a comic
  65. __ artists, they shape inflatables into animals
  66. __ dog, pricey artwork by jeff koons
  67. __ artist creator of works from latex and air
  68. Mostly hairless oddball inflated plaything
  69. __ safari; viewing savannah wildlife from above
  70. Inflatable round object seen at children's parties
  71. __ corallimorph or giant mushroom anemone
  72. Liberal and labour upset over working party item
  73. Inflated party prop
  74. __ dog; mirrored steel sculptures by jeff koons
  75. Helium-filled floaty toy
  76. Rubbery ball filled with water for a fight
  77. Object filled with water and thrown in a fight
  78. These are inflated at put up at parties
  79. Rubber inflatable blown up at parties
  80. Helium decoration for halloween house
  81. Inflate this with hot air for tranquil aerial ride
  82. Albuquerque, new mexico hosts the largest festival in the u s
  83. Hot air , flying transport powered by flames
  84. Inflated decoration
  85. The moons a 1971 david niven memoir

Crosswords containing the word "BALLOON"

  1. Albuquerque international balloon , annual hot air balloon festival held in new mexico since 1972
  2. Tony ___, early macys day parade balloon designer
  3. Old bob kindly provides balloon
  4. Trial balloon, e.g.
  5. General bursting balloon
  6. Balloon filler
  7. Balloon or dirigible
  8. Water balloon sound
  9. Bursts, as a balloon
  10. Trial balloon