1. Coarse dimwit
  2. Uncivilized sort
  3. Cousin of a mandrill
  4. Bishop has a blessing for monkey
  5. Intelligent primate found in africa and arabia
  6. Bananas primarily a gift for monkey
  7. Medium-sized omnivorous monkey
  8. Stupid person gives graduate advantage
  9. Scholar blessing monkey
  10. Primate's word of disapproval during prohibition
  11. Primate
  12. Large monkey
  13. Primate's blessing coming after degree
  14. Serengeti primate
  15. Primate's blessing conferred on graduate
  16. Dogfaced primate
  17. Uncouth type's shocking exclamation in bar
  18. Large monkey with dog-like muzzle
  19. Monkey kin
  20. Large long-nosed african or asian monkey
  21. Monkey with long snout genus papio
  22. Primate could give bishop a blessing
  23. Bishop with a blessing for primate
  24. Graduate blessing for grotesque figure used in architecture
  25. Largest monkey
  26. Long-nosed african monkey
  27. Mandrill relative
  28. A book in favour for wild swinger?
  29. Hector found in bar - presumably involved in monkey business
  30. Large african monkey
  31.     dogfaced primate
  32. A bishop brought in gift for another primate
  33. Thick-furred primate
  34. Mandrill, e.g
  35. Is the blessing of a degree that one may monkey with it?
  36. Large long-nosed african monkey
  37. Primate's disapproving expression during prohibition
  38. What a blessing a degree is - even to an ape
  39. Medium sized monkey
  40. Outlaw about to shout down a primate
  41. A qualified person blessing an animal
  42. Primate bestowing blessing on graduate
  43. An african monkey
  44. Large long-nosed arabian or african monkey
  45. A degree might be a blessing to such a creature if he could ever get it
  46. Primate includes a bishop in blessing
  47. Monkey with the blessing of a degree
  48. Mandrill kin
  49. To a degree it's a blessing for this subhuman
  50. Sailor interrupts blessing of primate
  51. Large long-nosed monkey, african or arabian
  52. Source of bananas, a blessing for a monkey
  53. Long-nosed ape with protruding buttocks
  54. Primate with a doglike muzzle
  55. A large one of 17 across
  56. Type of large monkey
  57. It would be such a blessing to monkey with a degree like this
  58. Monkey that does not have a prehensile tail
  59. Largest monkey, with hairless, red rear end
  60. Large monkey, with a distinctive rear
  61. During prohibition, show disapproval of primate
  62. Primate known for its bright red bottom
  63. Primate with a red bottom
  64. Primate with hairy, protruding buttocks
  65. Outlaw receives word that may surprise 24
  66. Cow herd troop
  67. Long nosed primate that can have a red bottom
  68. The primate known for its swollen red bottom
  69. Bishop displacing nazis in instrument for primate
  70. From airline, gift for primate
  71. Rafiki is one in disneys the lion king
  72. The hamadryas is an african species of this mammal
  73. Bishop a godsend for primate
  74. Old world monkey who doesnt appear to wear pants
  75. Primate and bishop leading a blessing
  76. Stupid person an arts graduate given advantage

Crosswords containing the word "BABOON"

  1. Cousin of a baboon
  2. Large baboon
  3. Seed machine; baboon
  4. Habits of the male baboon
  5. '___ if one of my siblings adopts that baboon as their own child'
  6. Egyptian god with a baboon head
  7. Big baboon
  8. Candy bars for one costumed as a baboon?
  9. Sacred baboon
  10. Baboon, e.g.