1. Adjust some 17 for the audience
  2. Bring into harmony
  3. Harmonize
  4. Bring into accord
  5. Make receptive
  6. Acclimatise
  7. Adjust and change to nature, wasting nothing, right?
  8. Harmonise or adapt to idea or music
  9. Become receptive (to)
  10. The way to acclimatise at the music
  11. Finely adjust
  12. 'make note of it, all the same (6)'
  13. Make it all the same by the sound of it
  14. How one ate about one nut up so as to acclimatise
  15. Is that the way to get in harmony with aunt et?
  16. Get used to a m-melody
  17. Ate up the nut in there just to adjust it
  18. Swallowed about one big vessel so as to be in harmony with it
  19. So as to fit in, by the sound of it, ate about one nut up
  20. A song about heading for the orient
  21. Get in harmony
  22. Harmonise a race to a foreign point
  23. Bring into musical accord
  24. How to achieve a notable agreement
  25. Become familiar with abba's debut song on the radio
  26. 'make this sound, all the same (6)'
  27. Taunt model to determine final condition
  28. Harmonise or adapt, say mind to idea
  29. Worried about zealot's rising temper ...
  30. Adapt a melody one's heard
  31. Adjust to a situation
  32. 'note how to get at this music, all the same (6)'
  33. Get the sound of a melody in the right key
  34. Harmonize or adapt, to matter or idea
  35. For the sake of harmony, ate about one nut up
  36. Get on the same waveband as aunt et?
  37. Harmonise or synchronise
  38. Harmonise or adapt
  39. Harmonise as with musical instrument
  40. Get at music to get it in line
  41. Ate about one nut up to make it sound right
  42. Swallowed about a nut up there melodiously
  43. Dined, consuming barrel of pitch properly
  44. Harmonise - adapt
  45. Adjust beer container to hold brewed tea? on the contrary
  46. Make harmonious
  47. Bring into harmony

Crosswords containing the word "ATTUNE"

  1. Accordion-playing comic judy (anagram of attune)
  2. Comic judy whose trademark line is "it could happen!" (anagram of attune)