1. Wither away
  2. Waste (away)
  3. Go downhill
  4. Shrink one spoils
  5. Wasting muscle mass due to the lack of use
  6. Cell degeneration state of decay
  7. Body or organ wasting away from damage
  8. If muscles waste away they __
  9. Still the state of what may be floating
  10. Decline academy's opening award
  11. Wither, left over in new-mown hay
  12. Degenerate from disuse
  13. Wasting an award
  14. Wither
  15. Something that may be floating?
  16. Decline from disuse
  17. Waste a shot taking on poor header, initially
  18. Waste away as through lack of food
  19. Holding up drink, i see last of chardonnay wasting
  20. Degeneration of a scalp
  21. Wasting away
  22. One presented after final degeneration
  23. Become weak and die away through lack of use
  24. Waste away (from disuse?)
  25. Some silverware wasting away
  26. A cup showing degeneration
  27. Progressive decline
  28. Such an award might be for stagnation
  29. It's there for the winning, but it's just going to waste
  30. Degeneration of a younger wife?
  31. A ward that's going to waste?
  32. A memorial of victory wasting away
  33. Wasting of a prize
  34. A prize for waste
  35. Waste away, wither
  36. Weaken from disuse
  37. Award for wasting away
  38. An award for 10 across, perhaps, that leads to stagnation
  39. Decline an oscar?
  40. That award, perhaps, may waste away
  41. Decline a prize
  42. Perhaps that's something to be won through disuse
  43. Degeneration
  44. At onset of autumn, laurels shrivel
  45. Wasting away of bodily tissue or organs
  46. Waste away - sounds like a sporting award
  47. Waste away through under-nourishment or lack of use
  48. That's what happens when no use is made of an award
  49. Degenerating organ
  50. Wither, waste away
  51. May be a cup that has one wasting away
  52. One with top prize is to fade away
  53. Waste a prize
  54. Some silverware for degenerate
  55. Medical name for bodily weakness or wasting
  56. A weakening or wasting away of a part of the body

Crosswords containing the word "ATROPHY"

  1. Part of the eye that’s concerning can start to atrophy
  2. Atrophy?
  3. Cause of atrophy
  4. Characters with atrophy, sickness getting rare old medicine
  5. Perhaps atrophy for the hospital
  6. Atrophy - it angered one dreadfully
  7. Shrub in ground, mostly brown, beginning to atrophy
  8. Avoid atrophy in a rhyming dichotomy
  9. Atrophy's one of them, perhaps