1. Greek goddess of wisdom
  2. Armored greek goddess
  3. Symbol of wisdom
  4. Acropolis figure
  5. Parthenon honoree
  6. Goddess usually pictured with a helmet
  7. Goddess of wisdom
  8. Zeus' favorite child
  9. Favorite daughter of zeus
  10. Greek minerva
  11. Phidias subject
  12. Classical symbol of wisdo
  13. Parthenon goddess
  14. Aegis bearer
  15. Daughter of zeus
  16. Deity featured on califor
  17. Articles about next greek deity
  18. She sprang from zeus
  19. Goddess of wisdom and war
  20. Wise female has article in literary collection
  21. Parthenon figure
  22. Guardian for odysseus
  23. Tetradrachm's face who knew it all
  24. Goddess; greece's capital is named after her
  25. Greek goddess to whom the parthenon was dedicated
  26. Greek goddess of wisdom
  27. She sprang from the head of zeus
  28. Virginal goddess
  29. Mythical creator of the olive tree
  30. In greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom
  31. She turned arachne into a spider
  32. Top marks in succession for goddess?
  33. Acropolis deity
  34. Godess of wisdom
  35. Aegis wielder
  36. Goddess often depicted in armor
  37. Zeus' daughter
  38. Appearing in collection of stories is the goddess
  39. Greek goddess born armed for battle
  40. Different conclusion for a capital goddess
  41. In attica, the natural source of practical skills
  42. In some renderings, she holds nike in her palm
  43. Female in a volunteer force is a goddess
  44. Goddess to whom the parthenon was dedicated
  45. Daughter born from zeus' forehead
  46. Minerva's counterpart
  47. One-time goddess describing progress in aa?
  48. Minerva, on the acropolis
  49. Minerva, to the greeks
  50. '82 who hit off "it's hard"
  51. Judgment of paris loser
  52. T. h. white showed how this explained hawk's attachment to falconer
  53. Statue in the parthenon
  54. Wisdom goddess
  55. She turned medusa's hair into snakes
  56. Wise daughter of zeus
  57. Wise advisor of odysseus
  58. The parthenon is dedicated to her
  59. Goddess among heathen assembly
  60. Wielder of a golden wand in 'the odyssey'
  61. Goddess of the arts
  62. Goddess for whom a european capital is named
  63. Acropolis honoree
  64. She's a deity of wisdom
  65. Classical symbol of wisdom
  66. Goddess later giving up booze?
  67. Wisdom, therefore, in articles
  68. Wise goddess
  69. Two articles (one more coming up) reveal goddess
  70. Eponym of a european capital
  71. Minerva alias
  72. Goddess with an owl
  73. Goddess making appearance in america, then asia
  74. Acropolis goddess
  75. Divine wisdom subsequently dividing adults
  76. Greek goddess of wisdom symbolized by an owl
  77. Armored goddess
  78. Goddess who turned medusa's hair to snakes
  79. Teetotallers admit afterwards she was worshipped in greece
  80. Her helmet is shown on west point's coat of arms
  81. Minerva
  82. Wisdom deity
  83. Supervisor of the construction of the argo
  84. Goddess challenged by arachne in a weaving contest
  85. Sunbathe naked? it's too much for her
  86. Odysseus' advisor
  87. Deity featured on california's state seal
  88. Helper of perseus
  89. Minerva's greek counterpart
  90. Rich people go under cover in the _ millionaire
  91. Minerva in greece
  92. Greek virgin goddess of wisdom and prudent warfare
  93. Goddess who sprang forth from zeus's cracked skull
  94. Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, law and justice
  95. Goddess identified in repeated articles?
  96. Greek minerva solver
  97. The owl was her mascot
  98. Odysseus' guardian
  99. Goddess who helped odysseus
  100. Arachne challenged her to a weaving contest
  101. Zeuss favorite
  102. Minerva, to the greeks
  103. Greek goddess with the symbol of an owl
  104. Goddess of war, daughter of zeus
  105. Parthenon dedicatee
  106. Goddess with a european capital named for her
  107. Helper of heracles

Crosswords containing the word "ATHENA"

  1. W.w. ii org. whose insignia featured athena
  2. Start or end of the greek spelling of “athena”
  3. Half brother of athena
  4. Shield of athena
  5. Symbol of athena
  6. Epithet of athena
  7. Athena's symbol
  8. Poseidon, to athena
  9. Greek goddess athena ___
  10. Statue of athena that protected troy