1. Bumble's law repeatedly favoured killer
  2. One's paid to take out another two nitwits with it
  3. One taking someone out, seeing wally and charlie in
  4. Pompous pair not out, but one might take you out!
  5. Offer
  6. Hit maker?
  7. Killer ___
  8. Was sas single-handedly apprehending killer?
  9. Hit man
  10. Hired gun
  11. Booth, e.g.
  12. One who kills a couple of idiots at home
  13. Pair of idiots at home — one's a killer!
  14. Fragment of glass as singular agent of murder
  15. Murderer, killer
  16. Killer of an important figure
  17. Someone who takes the lives of others
  18. Political/religious killer
  19. Carlos the jackal was one
  20. Hitman
  21. Over in saint-denis, sas saw sniper, say
  22. Historical fiction novel by the children's author anna myers
  23. That's twice as foolish in such a fatal way
  24. Killer of famous person
  25. Twice as silly in one killing one
  26. You'd be twice the right fool to cause a corpse
  27. Mark my target when elite troops stray from path
  28. Criminal takes a couple of fools in
  29. Hit man spotted in one steamship, then another and finally at home
  30. Pair of fools in killing combination
  31. When special troops lapse morally, one commits murder
  32. Hit man when given cheek at home
  33. Oswald or sirhan
  34. Twice so silly in this- killingly so
  35. Mr. or mrs. smith, in a 2005 film
  36. Couple of 6 down in murderous manner
  37. Frequent action-film villain
  38. Twice so silly in a murderous sort of way
  39. Hired killer
  40. Killer of a political leader such as a president
  41. Idiot in japanese car losing rear end turned killer
  42. Historical novel by anna myers
  43. He kills when soldiers do bad things
  44. When special forces transgress with killer
  45. There are a pair of fools in this hit, man
  46. Twice as 23 down in a fatal sort of way
  47. Twice as foolish in a way that will prove fatal
  48. Killer's impudence when caught in a crime
  49. Just so silly as may be killingly wrong
  50. Double start for 5 down in fatal fashion
  51. Criminal taking dope repeatedly at home
  52. When special army group is retired with new killer?
  53. America's wrong to imprison special forces' hit man
  54. One kills two animals in the end
  55. Couple of fools on central line with one of those responsible for hit after hit
  56. One fulfilling a contract?
  57. John mayer "battle studies" song that kills?
  58. Repeating bumble's law, i name killer
  59. Political murderer
  60. Killer since caught in dope offence
  61. A sauce eaten by wrong butcher?
  62. 'likes, perhaps, to come at the double in for the kill (8)'
  63. One making a killing
  64. Takes a shot at following both fools in
  65. A singular group of crack troops topping evil hit man
  66. Couple of stupid people in with one with killer instinct perhaps
  67. I kill two turkeys at home
  68. He'll kill animals in the end
  69. Booth or oswald
  70. Booth, for one
  71. It's fatal to be twice as silly in this way
  72. He kills two geese, i note
  73. A steamer like transgression may be the death of you
  74. Like special forces to have one perhaps deadly killer
  75. Twice as silly in a murderous manner
  76. Twice so foolish in a fatal way
  77. A paid killer
  78. Murderer (of prominent figure)
  79. John wilkes booth, for one
  80. Paid killer
  81. That's twice as silly in a fatal sort of way
  82. Murderer of an important person
  83. A guard doubled concerned with hitman
  84. Booth, for example, containing a pair of animals at home
  85. Fools at home to killer
  86. Murderer of anthony
  87. Two pairs of smalls under a popular offer?
  88. He makes a hit with a couple of eejits at home
  89. Far from innocent, with son appearing for guilty killer
  90. Killer entered on beasts
  91. Hired gun for couple of fools at home
  92. Twice as silly, enough to kill one (8)
  93. A killer of political or religious leader
  94. One kills when crack troops go astray
  95. The 1945 broadway stage play by irwin shaw
  96. A hired killer
  97. Professional killer
  98. One murders for political or monetary reasons
  99. Murderer showing nerve for an american engaged in a crime
  100. Two that are 23 down in lethal form
  101. What a singular sort of 11 across!
  102. Twice as silly in fatal fashion
  103. Twice as foolish in the way of a killer
  104. A killer
  105. Murderer; professional killer
  106. Political murderer
  107. How 5 down starts to come at the double for death
  108. Twice as silly in lethal manner
  109. Couple of fools in fatal fashion
  110. Twice as silly in one so killing
  111. Twice as silly in such a deadly way
  112. He killed a couple of fools in the end
  113. When our secret troops are bad, one kills
  114. Killer of prominent person
  115. __ bug; a tiny killer garden predator
  116. One with a killer job
  117. Murderer with high profile victim
  118. Booth perhaps was for polling soldiers? wrong
  119. Killer finds a pair of idiots at home
  120. One who kills a couple of donkeys at home?
  121. One kills when elite troops stray from path
  122. Two imbeciles at home revealing killer
  123. Ninja for instance
  124. Political killer

Crosswords containing the word "ASSASSIN"

  1. Assassin in japan catching assassin
  2. Assassin was at the front, honest!
  3. Old professional japanese assassin
  4. Mckinleys assassin
  5. Japanese assassin/spy
  6. Japanese assassin
  7. Fellow plotter turned in assassin, ultimately, wanting all-round protection
  8. Assassin
  9. Turning in targets for assassin (no. 3 killed) who's very sceptical
  10. Success by mark, an assassin