1. Angioplasty target
  2. Blood line
  3. Major-___
  4. Major highway
  5. Angiogram sight
  6. Major blood carrier
  7. The way to one's heart? quite the opposite!
  8. I-5 through los angeles,
  9. Blood carrier
  10. Queen aboard pretentious vessel
  11. Article terry sent to vital supplier
  12. Red line?
  13. Blood vessel of the heart
  14. Way to one's heart
  15. Vein's counterpart
  16. Say m1 means to supply blood
  17. Traffic site
  18. Throughway
  19. Main conduit
  20. Boulevard, e.g.
  21. Blood vessel
  22. Main road
  23. Blood vessel; carries blood away from the heart
  24. Aorta is the largest one in the body
  25. Important blood vessel
  26. Blood vessel such as the aorta
  27. Life support vessel
  28. Conduit for corpuscles
  29. Important transport route
  30. Vessel through which dart erythrocytes
  31. Major blood vessel
  32. Place for a 41-across
  33. This comes from the heart - bloodthirsty figure can't wait to get his teeth into it!
  34. Place for a stent
  35. Vessel carrying blood to the heart
  36. Main highway
  37. Vein's kin
  38. Major blood vessel or road
  39. Pretentious, receiving the queen in this vein?
  40. It carries cars or blood
  41. Main lane
  42. Blood-carrier from a heart
  43. One may service an organ
  44. Through street
  45. Bloody lifeline for revolutionary replacing lawrence for target practice
  46. The craftiness, perhaps, of this bloody vessel
  47. Big highway
  48. Queen carried by ostentatious vessel
  49. Vessel's part in westbound journey retraced
  50. Travel channel
  51. Major traffic route
  52. Carotid, e.g
  53. Major road
  54. I-5 through los angeles, e.g.
  55. Circulatory vessel
  56. This comes from the heart - bloodthirsty type can't wait to get his teeth into it!
  57. Vessel taking blood from heart
  58. Major transportation route
  59. Major (blood) route
  60. That seems bloody crafty, that vessel is
  61. Blood supplier using m1?
  62. The bloody vessel starts with the craft of 23 down, perhaps
  63. Main line of railway following a route that avoids centre of slough
  64. How i bleed for this vessel!
  65. Blood vessel; important route
  66. Felt amazement
  67. Main thoroughfare
  68. Starts off in car at very important part of road system
  69. Sounds as if you'd never look for this vessel in vain
  70. Ventricle's outlet
  71. Vein counterpart
  72. Main traffic route
  73. Blood vessel; major road
  74. The aorta is a large one
  75. Major thoroughfare
  76. Type of blood vessel
  77. What's in that vessel is not in vain, by the sound of it
  78. Bloody craftiness?
  79. Carries blood from the heart through the body
  80. Vessel that carries blood from the heart
  81. The craft begins to make a bloody sort of vessel
  82. It transports blood from heart
  83. Aorta for one
  84. It carries blood
  85. Creative hosting us tv series that contributes to 14 20
  86. Queen contributed to cultural channel
  87. Way to ones heart?
  88. Possibly painting european railway route
  89. Blood vessel connected to the heart, pulmonary
  90. Main road with some reversing tyre tracks
  91. How blood gets from the heart to the body
  92. Blood vessel carries blood away from the heart
  93. Vessel from the heart
  94. Throughway e g
  95. Queen carried in pretentiously refined vessel
  96. Veins blood moving partner
  97. Major blood vessel in the human body
  98. Queen avoiding area linked to unknown highway

Crosswords containing the word "ARTERY"

  1. Artery: abbr.
  2. Large artery
  3. Artery problems
  4. Branch from an artery
  5. River that henry miller likened to a great artery running through the human body
  6. Kind of artery
  7. Main artery
  8. Abnormal enlargement of an artery
  9. Artery implant
  10. Artery opener