1. Botanical site
  2. Botanical tree garden
  3. An initially rude, tiresome person's to stomach botanical garden
  4. Site where trees are disp
  5. First of birches in mature or developing tree garden
  6. Place where trees are stu
  7. Tree in the garden of the
  8. Botanical garden
  9. A rascal initially tore wildly into worthless place for elders?
  10. Garden where trees and shrubs are cultivated
  11. A right tedious bod with little mary in the garden
  12. Botanical garden of trees
  13. A gathering of elders?
  14. Botanic garden of trees
  15. Place for cultivation of 19s
  16. Rare ombu tree initially cultivated here?
  17. Trees and shrubs are cultivated here
  18. Garden of trees
  19. Ornamental showplace
  20. Literally, ''tree plantation''
  21. Took temperature in lily garden
  22. Tree garden plant to pierce with tin-opener inside
  23. Place for cultivation of trees
  24. Pal leaves perambulator around the trees
  25. Place where trees are studied
  26. Botanic garden a right nuisance to the corporation
  27. Take a gamble embracing men in a strange garden
  28. Collection of elders, say, tolerated in gas corporation
  29. Tolerated temperature in flower garden
  30. A right to make holes inside a lot of trees
  31. Quiet chap, artist, taken over large garden
  32. Site where trees are displayed
  33. Tree cultivation area, a botanical reserve
  34. A special designated area for cultivating trees
  35. Parkland where trees are cultivated
  36. Where one can't see the wood, they say!
  37. Here planes perhaps penetrate through craft? i'm unsure
  38. Place for ashes in the garden?
  39. Area set aside for tree cultivation and study
  40. Botanical collection consisting of trees

Crosswords containing the word "ARBORETUM"

  1. Arboretum
  2. Arboretum sight
  3. Adam's arboretum
  4. Tree initially as charming as collection in arboretum
  5. Arboretum feature
  6. Arboretum specimen
  7. Arboretum, e.g.
  8. Tree put back in greek arboretum
  9. Arboretum where evergreen's first put in some milk
  10. Arboretum growth