1. Airborne
  2. Like
  3. Among the clouds
  4. ___ of the above
  5. Overhead
  6. In the air
  7. Floating
  8. High as a kite
  9. High
  10. Not grounded?
  11. High in the air
  12. Altitude
  13. Flying off
  14. That gal
  15. Ground ___
  16. In the sky
  17. Drifting above
  18. Winging it?
  19. Clouds (up)
  20. Flying high
  21. Skyward
  22. Flying or floating high
  23. Up above and outside look towards the stern
  24. Aviating
  25. Get a lift to the top of a house
  26. A lot to hold onto with figurehead high up
  27. At a considerable height
  28. Floating among the clouds, e.g
  29. Floating high in the sky
  30. Part of a barn
  31. On a paraglider, say
  32. A line frequently written by poets in a high position
  33. Though in a flat spin, there's nothing up
  34. Float freely in the air
  35. On the wing
  36. How the cup is lifted
  37. Like a hot air balloon in use
  38. High above
  39. A place to see pigeons in the air
  40. Female pinched by many in the air
  41. Floating above the rooftops
  42. Tend to float in the air
  43. Dirigibles
  44. Utilizing a parasail
  45. Key carried by many in high position
  46. A lake frequently high
  47. In the rigging
  48. In the rigging, up high
  49. Floating on air
  50. Like lucy, in the sky?
  51. Where pigeons live on high
  52. If there's no milk in milk float - how is that one of the overheads?
  53. Floating on high
  54. Far above the ground
  55. Like a frisbee in motion
  56. Front of fearlessness many will keep up
  57. Soaring, perhaps
  58. A legacy at first associated with frequent flying?
  59. A frequent candidate for conversion, as 1 ac was?
  60. High up in an attic
  61. Like an eagle in flight
  62. Like an active kite
  63. Over one's head
  64. Above - on top
  65. A place for pigeons up the mast
  66. Perhaps float up
  67. No milk in milk float? that's up in the air!
  68. Up in the air, high above
  69. Floating above ground
  70. In the air, overhead
  71. Like a kite in flight
  72. In the rear of ship, look up above
  73. High in the sky
  74. A place to see pigeons flying
  75. Float (anag.)
  76. Animistic cult
  77. Man at 6 frequently up in the air
  78. A room that's up high
  79. Gemstone without a ring for one's friend
  80. Heading for heaven, many keep following
  81. Calling for a lookup?
  82. Wash up for a friend
  83. Floating over one's head
  84. High in the 19-across
  85. Friend with a false heart on the quiet
  86. Metal frequently used in the past at high altitude
  87. Up in the air (anagram of float)
  88. Masts
  89. At a height (in the sky)
  90. Floating high in the air
  91. High overhead
  92. A lot to hold onto with figurehead high up
  93. Empty new flat on the top floor?
  94. High in an attic

Crosswords containing the word "ALOFT"

  1. Aloft
  2. They keep airliners aloft
  3. Glide aloft
  4. Bear aloft?
  5. Raise aloft
  6. Aloft means above the rigging of a __ ship
  7. Hamlet holds his skull aloft
  8. Don't give way, endure - or carry aloft
  9. Lob aloft poorly for this game
  10. Make fun of or dispatch aloft