1. Accept as true
  2. Green-light
  3. Consent (to)
  4. Countenance
  5. Give permission to
  6. Permit to
  7. Authorize to
  8. Admit, with "up"
  9. Go along (with)
  10. Provide (for)
  11. Let
  12. Grant-in-___
  13. Sign off on
  14. Give the o.k
  15. Permit everyone to know finally
  16. Let everyone down, ignoring outsiders
  17. Permit a large bovine cry
  18. Say "a-o.k."
  19. Earmark
  20. Let have
  21. Give the green light
  22. License
  23. Acknowledge - concede
  24. Give consent
  25. Sanction
  26. Give the nod
  27. Make provision (for)
  28. Opposite of infra
  29. Permit sickly-looking son to leave
  30. Let everyone down at the centre
  31. Give leave
  32. Permit or agree
  33. How one may grant everyone a cry of pain
  34. Not so much a description of mr sloane as of the actions of those he met
  35. Grant one's immature, losing head
  36. Admit everything with cry of pain
  37. Agree to prune head of plant
  38. Grant permission for
  39. Own the lot? own not quite all
  40. Admit there's universal debt out east
  41. Give license
  42. Ok (to)
  43. Permit to be without depth and quiet?
  44. Unproductive female's lost grant
  45. Admit learner inside a base
  46. Let everyone approach town centre
  47. Not a forbidding way to get nothing into the wall
  48. Grant is depressed by even letters in mail
  49. Permit or concede
  50. Depressed after gangster gets permit
  51. Fail to forbid
  52. Rule permissible
  53. Permit this to put an end to 1 across
  54. Permit nothing but a cry of pain
  55. Chap on base gets permit
  56. Immature, not about to get grant
  57. Let's roll in mud, keeping head clear
  58. Let everybody almost get into debt
  59. Admit as acceptable
  60. Give __: okay
  61. "___ me to introduce myself"
  62. Give nothing but a cry of pain
  63. Let out of eight
  64. A student getting small grant
  65. Permit for chap to go on the base
  66. Permit to indulge oneself after losing first wife
  67. Permit inexperienced leader to leave
  68. Acknowledge a sound of cattle around lake
  69. Missile on old city - first-class support for warrior
  70. Not a forbiding way to get to the bottom of 21 down
  71. Permit scene of execution to have fencing removed
  72. Greenlight
  73. Chap goes to base for permit
  74. Acknowledge a learner has got depressed
  75. Make legal
  76. Let everyone say: 'that hurt!'
  77. That would permit nothing but a cry of pain
  78. Let everyone have debts endlessly
  79. Bird abandoning southwest brook
  80. Let wall be built around nothing
  81. Tolerate fat? not initially
  82. Permit, consent to
  83. Permit, let happen
  84. Permit or acknowledge
  85. This may permit nothing but a cry of pain
  86. Not to forbid everything to sound painful
  87. Give leave for nothing but a cry of pain
  88. Permit nothing but a cry of 14 across
  89. Everything that's painful is ok
  90. It's ok for a little lamb to moo
  91. Afford some original lowrys
  92. Let happen
  93. I'll ___ it (comment from a judge after an objection)
  94. Green light for gangster down in the dumps
  95. Give the green light to
  96. Grant permission for
  97. Not block
  98. Let, permit
  99. Give ones blessing to
  100. A large blue permit

Crosswords containing the word "ALLOW"

  1. Allow to see
  2. In copper money almost allow a sort of yellow
  3. Ban, refuse to allow
  4. Allow me
  5. Allow to pass
  6. Allow, permit
  7. Allow for business growth
  8. Allow
  9. Things that allow for jumping ahead in line?
  10. Provide ___ (allow to esc