1. A graduate's coming in to rework stone
  2. Material for statue obtainable from sale at bar
  3. Snow-white
  4. A research facility plant producing mineral
  5. White mineral used for carving
  6. In brief panic attend to joint - i'm ready to carve
  7. What a talent scout looks
  8. Smooth and white
  9. Gypsum variety
  10. Form of gypsum
  11. Art able to move when through medium of sculpture
  12. Skin tone
  13. Gypsum obtained from plant by a research facility
  14. Soft mineral used for carving
  15. Sculptor's medium
  16. White ornamental stone
  17. Type of gypsum used in decorative carving
  18. White stone produced by a research area bloomer
  19. Beautiful stone resulting from a laboratory bloomer
  20. White gypsum
  21. Stone altar base rebuilt
  22. A place to experiment with a flower used for ornamental purposes
  23. Material mined from blast area
  24. What's used for carving in the manner of turkey roaster
  25. Fat controller after salad with crusts lost a stone
  26. Blast area to be exploited for mineral
  27. White translucent form of gypsum used for statues, vases etc
  28. Smoothly white
  29. Gypsum and basalt are sculpted
  30. A bloomer going round workroom producing gypsum
  31. A science room flower and mineral
  32. An experimental flower maybe pure white
  33. Material from which altar base is made
  34. A synthetic flower, it seems, is made of stone
  35. Soft rock, like bonham's number one with plant
  36. White mineral
  37. White or translucent mineral
  38. Carved form of gypsum
  39. Mineral in flower after a party
  40. Gypsum variety used in carvings
  41. Imitating someone cooking meat that's pale
  42. Alberta's a place to find gypsum
  43. Soft variety of gypsum used for statues and vases
  44. Stone and basalt are different
  45. Mineral served in the style of one pouring hot juice
  46. Blooming precious from the laboratory
  47. A research establishment has plant substance that's white
  48. A place for experimenting with flower as ornamental material
  49. American research facility's taser destroyed decorative material
  50. That's precious stuff to make a flower in the laboratory of
  51. White stone carved into ornaments
  52. White substance provided, as one preparing joint?
  53. Form of gypsum used for carving
  54. Sculptor's medium, perhaps
  55. Statuary stone hewn from basalt era
  56. Fine white gypsum
  57. Statue material, perhaps
  58. Semi-transparent gypsum
  59. Sort of gypsum that's upset lake plant
  60. Fine material for flower under rising lake
  61. A valuable bloomer from the laboratory
  62. White bra, at least, almost undone
  63. Gratiano envisioned his granddad cut in it
  64. White stone in altar base cracked
  65. Blast area for sculpting stone
  66. Altar base could well be made of this
  67. Blast area destroyed to find gypsum
  68. A workroom bloomer producing gypsum
  69. Altar base (anag)
  70. A party bloomer - providing mineral!
  71. Blast area for white mineral
  72. Stab a real odd white mineral
  73. Stone, a well-qualified person's to shift around
  74. At bar, ale's changed for mineral
  75. Soft pale gypsum
  76. Are basalt rocks gypsum?
  77. Variety of gypsum
  78. Translucent white gypsum as found carved into ornaments
  79. A flower of the laboratory, perhaps, that's precious
  80. How precious a scientifically produced flower can be!
  81. How a1 makes the ab blooming precious
  82. A blooming precious laboratory thing
  83. A sculptor's medium
  84. White stone used for carving
  85. Turkey-roasting tool in the yellowhammer state?
  86. Translucent form of gypsum, usually snow white
  87. White gypsum used for carving
  88. A research facility daisy used to make gypsum variety
  89. Gypsum and basalt are different
  90. Steal arab's unusual stone
  91. Mineral tar as medium of exchange
  92. A 'red' flower becomes white and smooth
  93. Material taken from a party by daisy
  94. One who reprimands mark goes very pale
  95. Welsh lake coming up over flower, smooth and white
  96. White, soft gypsum stone used for sculpture
  97. White substance provided as one preparing joint?
  98. Ornate altar base made from variety of gypsum
  99. A dog getting flower and stone
  100. Pale stone used in plaster
  101. A translucent or white granular form of gypsum
  102. Mineral article absorbed by metal kitchen implement
  103. Calcium rich rock of ancient egyptian ornaments
  104. Gypsum dog framed by a flowering plant
  105. A dog tears around rock

Crosswords containing the word "ALABASTER"

  1. Carve two little heads in alabaster?
  2. Whence "thine alabaster c
  3. Alabaster
  4. Mount frames in alabaster (amateur art)
  5. Pink, lilac or alabaster interior
  6. Home to 'alabaster cities'
  7. Alabaster shaper
  8. Grecian urn of lead-free pungent mineral on core of alabaster