1. Axes to grind
  2. Meeting plan
  3. Timetable: notice article containing information
  4. Meeting handout
  5. Slate of affairs?
  6. A chair usually has one
  7. To-be-covered list
  8. One is usually set by a chair
  9. Business meeting?
  10. Set of priorities
  11. Order of business
  12. Program
  13. On the schedule
  14. Something set in a meeting
  15. What one intends to do, having target in range
  16. Programme information in commercial article
  17. The business connecting one with low-down us lawyer
  18. Ulterior motive
  19. To-do list
  20. Commander introduces final list of discussion items
  21. Part of convention planni
  22. What a chair should cover
  23. Order of business at a me
  24. List of business
  25. Steering committee's crea
  26. Outline of a sort
  27. Meeting schedule
  28. Conference need
  29. List at a meeting
  30. What to do?
  31. Ax to grind
  32. It's listed in minutes
  33. On the docket
  34. Timetable information ringed by a district attorney
  35. Chairman's need
  36. Girl takes in information for programme
  37. Chairman's paper
  38. Woman hiding information makes plan
  39. Topic list for meeting
  40. Eastern commander about to close what's to be done?
  41. Meeting reading
  42. List of meeting items
  43. Things to do
  44. Outline plan for a meeting to be voted on
  45. Hidden __ an undisclosed aim or motive
  46. Bullet-point plan for a meeting
  47. Plan or outline to be done
  48. Docket timetable items' plan
  49. Schedule needs long time to make karate grade
  50. Meeting outline
  51. Death interrupts turkish commander's plan for action
  52. Business items
  53. Something hidden, perhaps
  54. That may be dealt with in a matter of minutes, but not dealt with like 23 down
  55. What a chair may hold
  56. Meeting notes
  57. Old answer covering new business items
  58. Plan a class for the audience
  59. Programme that may be debated a long time and amended
  60. "all my children" role
  61. You may get through such business in a matter of minutes
  62. The start of 7 down and the business of it
  63. List of things to do
  64. Things to address
  65. A woman left out programme for meeting
  66. List of matters to be discussed at a meeting
  67. It's recorded in minutes
  68. Chairperson’s list
  69. List of items to be attended to
  70. It may be filled with bullets
  71. Information a lawyer has about things to discuss
  72. In copenhagen, danes set programme for meeting
  73. Underlying (motives)
  74. Haagen-dazs' hidden goals?
  75. Girl holds information for the programme
  76. Board meeting outline
  77. Topics for a meeting
  78. List of items to be done
  79. Girl collecting information for programme
  80. Part of convention planning
  81. Very old asian leader adopting new programme
  82. Schedule - things to be done
  83. And that's what you can do with your meeting - finish it in the cooker
  84. Notice article about details in programme
  85. Commander about to conclude programme
  86. Hidden
  87. Time and confusion for the business
  88. Business listed in copenhagen danes located
  89. Sometimes it's hidden
  90. Programme concerning time and motion
  91. A-list items
  92. It's usually copied in minutes
  93. Business programme in information carried by a us lawyer
  94. Things up for discussion
  95. Things to be done requiring time and hassle
  96. Discussion of sex is beneath a programme
  97. Committee business
  98. Something a chair has
  99. Old and confused in the matter of business
  100. Paper presented at a conference
  101. Things to talk about
  102. Girl americans will take to heart
  103. Big to-do, maybe?
  104. The objective in eastern ruler's schedule
  105. Turkish commander about to finish items for discussion
  106. List to perish in the stove
  107. List of items for meeting
  108. Table of business
  109. Party objectives
  110. List info in the hands of a us prosecutor
  111. What a chair needs
  112. List of items for discussion by committee
  113. Something perhaps hidden in copenhagen, danish?
  114. Computer language gathering information for things to be done
  115. List of topics
  116. Schedule of items for meeting
  117. What a chair might provide
  118. 'to do today' list
  119. Work list
  120. Items of business
  121. Things to be done in company
  122. Business at hand
  123. Chair's list
  124. Programme reaches a conclusion in georgia
  125. List of things to be discussed
  126. Some fag end ash on timetable
  127. Plan for meeting
  128. Individual objective(s)
  129. Chairperson's itemized outline
  130. Items for discussion at committee meeting
  131. Steering committee's creation
  132. Meeting guide
  133. Programme following a goal accepted by general assembly
  134. Commander about to complete programme
  135. Woman holds information for meeting notes
  136. Programme showing target within range
  137. Mature and moving programme
  138. No rest in great dane's plan
  139. Business schedule
  140. Time, and it's in a muddle, for meeting business
  141. Guide for a chair
  142. Meeting's topics
  143. In business one will often start with apologies
  144. Handout from a chair
  145. Reason for meeting at that stage of life confused danny
  146. Committee's program
  147. Ulterior motives
  148. Meeting item list
  149. For age and for the meeting
  150. Sometimes they're hidden
  151. An ideologue might have one
  152. Item list for meeting
  153. An american lawyer has to take in information schedule
  154. Answer's found under name in ancient schedule
  155. Programme information held by a girl
  156. Committee chair's list
  157. What will be done
  158. Menu - middle of page: 'a tip is included'
  159. The business will finish with the foreign leader around
  160. List of items for committee business
  161. List of things to be done or discussed
  162. A good start and finish for a business
  163. List of items for committee to consider
  164. It may form the outline for a meeting's minutes
  165. Items of business for committee meeting
  166. Programme info in commercial article
  167. A long time and varied things to be done
  168. Programme of a meeting
  169. What a chair covers
  170. Board of directors meeting plan
  171. It's old and it's confused for business
  172. It's useful for the chair ... the silver one, kenny
  173. Meeting slate
  174. A good finish to a schedule
  175. Formal list of things to do in a meeting
  176. A lawyer holding the latest plan for meeting
  177. List on a legal pad, perhaps
  178. What to do with a general lawyer in america
  179. Scheme put together by a lowdown lawyer
  180. Meeting paper
  181. Take time off and you'll find things to do
  182. Business meeting outline
  183. List of business for a committee meeting
  184. Northern adage about things to be done
  185. The business of the aga about 23 down
  186. Memo from head-banger dismisses herb
  187. Timetable information secured by girl
  188. A prosecutor has to digest information, items for discussion
  189. Turkish commander accepts limit for meeting plan
  190. In the aga at last for a matter of minutes
  191. Items for meeting
  192. Programme for article on oral sex
  193. Order of the day?
  194. Spy brief on lawyer's schedule
  195. List of business from mature northern lawyer
  196. Business fixed in minutes
  197. Meet to discuss this woman's dope-taking
  198. Programme of concern for the elderly and infirm
  199. After a long time, dan arranged business schedule
  200. List of things to discuss
  201. Chairman's list
  202. Meeting items collectively
  203. Time and motion list
  204. Heather taken from the continent in the morning
  205. List of items to be discussed at a meeting
  206. Meeting to-do list
  207. Outline for a meeting
  208. List of business for committee
  209. Time and running order of business
  210. List of business items for committee
  211. Items of business for committee
  212. List of items of business for committee
  213. List of items to be discussed
  214. It's business for a time, and it's muddled
  215. For business there's time, and it's in a mess
  216. Time for business, and it's in a mess
  217. It takes some minutes for this business to be a new record (6)
  218. To get through the business in a matter of minutes would be a record
  219. Time, and it's confused business
  220. Outline of items for a business meeting
  221. Finish a finish of the business
  222. Girl carrying information on list of items
  223. Chairs document
  224. Much time and trouble is taken in its drafting
  225. Turkish leader about to conclude the business
  226. After a time dan sorted out things to be done
  227. A note to finish a list of things to be done
  228. Schedule of business
  229. List of items to be dealt with
  230. Items finish in oven
  231. List of business information a lawyer withholds
  232. Work schedule of motoring group assuming good finish
  233. Items to be discussed at a meeting
  234. List of things to do, especially for a meeting
  235. Running order of a meeting
  236. Meeting itinerary
  237. List of things to be done
  238. Meeting reference
  239. Sheet at a meeting
  240. Underlying motive
  241. Items to discuss? get on with new one after director intervenes
  242. Items for a meeting
  243. Plan made by spy without time to meet lawyer
  244. Order of points to be discussed at a meeting
  245. A list of items to discuss; an appointment diary
  246. List of items to discuss during a meeting
  247. Plan a female, perhaps, read out
  248. Running order of a business meeting
  249. Outline for a board meeting
  250. To do list
  251. Arab leader accepting last list of discussion items
  252. Programme employed in copenhagen daily
  253. List for a meeting
  254. List of items or issues dealt with in a meeting
  255. It may be hidden
  256. Business plan
  257. Predetermined meeting schedule
  258. Point in old article showing hidden motivation
  259. Order of items to be discussed at a meeting
  260. Schedule non disclosure agree­ment after a long time
  261. Chairs prep job
  262. Items of business information original person almost absorbs
  263. Things to cover

Crosswords containing the word "AGENDA"

  1. Idly tinkered with agenda with agenda for poet like theocritus
  2. Acting chairman tables agenda to begin proceedings
  3. Agenda listing
  4. Agenda details
  5. Playboy's agenda?
  6. Change the agenda
  7. Agenda, informally
  8. Agenda particular
  9. Part of an agenda
  10. Agenda-topping issue