1. Dame of mystery
  2. Name on an annual literary award
  3. First name in mysteries
  4. Range that mostly identifies crime writer to her closest fans?
  5. Sort of saga which almost was related to 3 11
  6. Annual award for mystery
  7. Dame of mystery writing
  8. Christie of mystery
  9. Mystery award
  10. Hercule's creator
  11. Saint whose name means "g
  12. First name in mystery
  13. Christie who created herc
  14. Ottoman commander with short thai girl
  15. ___ christie best known for her detective novels
  16. Author of and then there were none: __ christie
  17. Mystery writer christie
  18. Fearsome aunt in stories by p. g. wodehouse
  19. Mystery woman?
  20. Big name in whodunits
  21. Theatric saga i composed, ending of which is kept secret
  22. Writer christie
  23. Mystery's christie
  24. She gives expression of surprise about label being back to front
  25. Bertie wooster's aunt
  26. 1979 vanessa redgrave film
  27. Novelist, -- christie
  28. Christie who wrote 'ten little indians'
  29. Erle's one-time rival
  30. Character in eliot drama, also in the saga that inspired it
  31. — christie, crime writer
  32. Female drivers keeping weapon near front of handbag
  33. Aunt in p.g. wodehouse's "jeeves" stories
  34. Annual award for mystery writers
  35. Ruler flourished hat to girl
  36. Aunt of wooster
  37. Dame - - christie, english detective-story writer
  38. 'hallowe'en party' writer christie
  39. Woman, a delightful person largely with funny hat
  40. -- christie, english novelist
  41. Girl's expression of surprise, plugged by gun
  42. Writer played by vanessa in 1979
  43. And 16: a charge that is 'fabricated', i admitted (11)
  44. A place where silence was demanded by a female writer?
  45. Dame christie, author
  46. She's the girl in drag at hastings
  47. - christie, author
  48. Christie who wrote a mystery novel about bridge (but presumably never closed one on purpose to be a dick)
  49. Woman's cry of delight about gun
  50. Christie who created hercule poirot
  51. Duke of illyria in 'twelfth night'
  52. Annual mystery writer's award
  53. Author christie who created hercule poirot
  54. Bertie's aunt in p.g. wodehouse stories

Crosswords containing the word "AGATHA"

  1. River in an agatha christ
  2. Agatha christie's "___ m?
  3. Contemporary of agatha
  4. Agatha christie or maggie smith
  5. Agatha christies “and then there were ___”
  6. Agatha christie title
  7. Agatha christie once described him as a detestable, bombastic, tiresome little creature
  8. Ingredient in an aunt agatha
  9. The —; agatha christie mystery; the world's longest-running play
  10. Agatha christies “n ___?”