1. Antagonistic
  2. Opposed to
  3. Hostile
  4. Unfavourable notice on poem
  5. Unfavorable
  6. Bad poetry on poster, perhaps
  7. Unpromising poetry of the last 2000 years
  8. Unfavourable
  9. Contrary - inauspicious
  10. Unfavourable qualifying terms omit b and e
  11. Opposed - inauspicious - opposite
  12. Unfriendly one next to back of grid veers off
  13. Notice part of chapter is unfavourable
  14. Dire commercial jingle
  15. Disinclined to take daughter in? the contrary!
  16. Unfavourable notice with few lines
  17. Such an advertisement jingle may have the opposite effect
  18. Ill-omened
  19. Day spent immersed in a bit of poetry is hardly favourable
  20. 'unfavourable, contrary (7)'
  21. Deleterious
  22. Rhyme on poster is inopportune
  23. Evaders being harmful
  24. Far from propitious
  25. Unfavourable notice on poet's output
  26. Unfavourable or harmful
  27. One is not in favour of poetry for publicity
  28. Unfavourable to evaders
  29. Part of speech mostly on sect, not half hostile
  30. Red vase (anag.)
  31. Unfavourable of the week
  32. Unfavourable commercial jingles?
  33. Hostile to commercial poem
  34. Unfavourable, contrary
  35. Bad jingle?
  36. Inauspicious jingle?
  37. Not in favour of this advertisiing jingle, by the sound of it
  38. A fourth-rate poem, getting such criticism?
  39. Doggerel bishop dismissed as harmful
  40. Contrary to your interests
  41. Ill-disposed to commercial jingle
  42. Accommodating duke, declares english to be hostile
  43. Contrary commercial jingle
  44. Contrary to one's interests or welfare
  45. 'not in favour of poetry for publicity, in short (7)'
  46. Served a stew with disastrous result
  47. Unfavourable or harmful, perhaps criticism
  48. Hostile to father returning from limerick
  49. Harmful jingle?
  50. Notice few lines that are hostile
  51. Contrary, harmful
  52. Democrat, in one part of chapter, is hostile
  53. Unfavourable - red vase (anag)
  54. Unfavourable commercial lines
  55. Opposed to or unfavourable
  56. Nowadays some poetry is hostile
  57. Inauspicious literary work by bill
  58. Harmful, unfavourable
  59. Contrary, untoward
  60. 'contrary, untoward (7)'
  61. It's hard to get this into skeletal form
  62. Difficult situation, unfavorable
  63. Unfavorable, hostile; an __ reaction
  64. Harmful; anagram of evaders
  65. Unfavorable conditions
  66. Not in favour of the poetry father gets up to
  67. Unfavourable jingle?
  68. Commercial jingle?
  69. Unfavourable notice given to stanzas
  70. Confrontational poem used in commercial

Crosswords containing the word "ADVERSE"

  1. Heading for french resort, starting late and delayed by adverse weather
  2. With no adverse consequen
  3. Adverse reaction from people
  4. Adverse aftermath
  5. Adverse reaction
  6. Adverse reaction, as german behind bars injects man with vaccine from behind
  7. Largely to do with adverse reaction
  8. Adverse reaction to cat-o'-nine-tails
  9. Optimist's phrase under adverse circumstances ... or a hint to completing the answers to the six starred clues
  10. Adverse beginning?