1. Bye word
  2. A person may go off with
  3. Last word?
  4. See you later
  5. So long to suffer in a university
  6. Polite goodbye
  7. Goodbye, in paris
  8. To the french, taking leave
  9. Flowery "ta-ta"
  10. Word on the way out
  11. Im off!
  12. Something to take before
  13. Parting word thats 80% vowels
  14. “ta-ta!”
  15. Word repeated before “to you and you and you,” in a show tune
  16. French farewell
  17. Gallic goodbye
  18. I'm going to pass on gold frames
  19. Word sung twice before "t
  20. Parting word
  21. So long!
  22. Leaving word
  23. Oddly shunned, said piteous goodbye
  24. Parisian goodbye
  25. Departure
  26. Something bid
  27. Hit by thought, with answer falling out
  28. Utterance on the way out
  29. Farewell in france
  30. Farewell, to pierre
  31. Literally, "to god"
  32. Goodbye for new aide to union leader
  33. The final word
  34. Closing bid?
  35. Stop working in centre of beaune - i'm getting outta here!
  36. I'm leaving, stop breaking my heart?
  37. Roadie usually having the last word
  38. It means "go with god"
  39. Bye-bye, in marseilles
  40. Goodbye (fr.)
  41. Exiter's exclamation
  42. Perish dressed in gold – goodbye
  43. Word of leave-taking
  44. Toulouse ta-ta
  45. Fancy goodbye
  46. Farewell all, distinguished individuals exiting - universally prominent characters
  47. Au revoir
  48. Formal goodbye
  49. Leave-taking
  50. Goodbye, mon ami!
  51. It's comparatively straight, uncle's side parting
  52. Cheerio
  53. Godspeed
  54. Leave word for the french
  55. Unionist pursues crazy idea for so long
  56. Farewell
  57. A fond farewell
  58. Stop interrupting athletic and united's leave-taking
  59. It may be bid
  60. Toulouse "toodle-oo"
  61. Goodbye
  62. What could be cast in gold for farewell
  63. See you give up the ghost with gold coat
  64. Second farewell to the spanish ladies
  65. 'ciao!' kin
  66. Exit preceder
  67. "arrivederci" relative
  68. Bye, in bordeaux
  69. Farewell from a union leader about to hop the twig
  70. Last thing bid?
  71. Auf wiedersehen
  72. "until tomorrow!" in paris
  73. "au revoir!" relative
  74. I’m going to pass on gold rings
  75. Final farewell to those gaulish types
  76. River that rises in the cairngorm mountains
  77. Farewell abroad
  78. François' farewell
  79. "till we meet again"
  80. A university concealing decline for so long
  81. Orly send-off
  82. Tours ta-ta
  83. Zip-___-doo-dah
  84. Ciao, in french
  85. "cheers," across the channel
  86. It's bid
  87. Final pronouncement from abroad, i.e. ultimatum
  88. Parisian farewell
  89. "later, louis!"
  90. Last word in tours
  91. Silly idea: schubert's fourth the last word?
  92. Goodbye, madame
  93. ''farewell, francoise!''
  94. ''--', she cries, and waved her lily hand' (john gay)
  95. Breathe one's last during a university farewell
  96. Word akin to sayonara
  97. "farewell, my french friend"
  98. A gambling device at university? i'm off!
  99. French good-bye
  100. Nice parting speech?
  101. ''farewell, françois''
  102. It can be bid
  103. Parting mot
  104. Farewell (french)
  105. "ta ta," to tati
  106. To the english this sounds like a hebrew at parting
  107. 'so long, mon ami'
  108. Expire in gold vale
  109. Parting that's bid
  110. Exiter's exclamation, sometimes
  111. Cease to live in a university - goodbye!
  112. Farewell that's sort of cast in gold?
  113. Goodbye, mademoiselle
  114. Last word a girl's written on english university
  115. Farewell, in 19-across
  116. A fail at university: one's bidden to leave
  117. Later jacques
  118. All the best go west, getting into gold
  119. Farewell regularly used in deal when going back
  120. So long, in avignon
  121. Final word from new aide to union leader
  122. Marseilles farewell
  123. Farewell notice that is given to union leader
  124. "see you later" in montreal
  125. Goodbye, in grenoble
  126. Bye that's "bid"
  127. Ami's good-bye
  128. European farewell
  129. Valediction announcement that is given to university
  130. Bid word
  131. Rhyme for ''true'' in ''red river valley''
  132. So long, by the seine
  133. Precious metal boxes don't last so long
  134. Make departure in a university -- farewell
  135. Peter's wearing gold for so long
  136. Cheers a foreign god
  137. It's bid fondly
  138. I hear a feature of spring mornings cheers
  139. A report leaves a stain unless leader gets the last word overseas
  140. "goodbye, cheri"
  141. "farewell, franã§ois!"
  142. Goodbye in france
  143. Nice farewell for polish leaving audiophiles
  144. Bye line?
  145. Farewell mon ami
  146. Impressive stamp edged with gold — the last word in france
  147. Ta-ta, in tours
  148. Promotion that is for everyone, cheers
  149. Goodbye in montreal
  150. It might be heard at a french door
  151. Left bank's "goodbye"
  152. Farewell gold! pass away surrounded by it
  153. "ta-ta" alternative
  154. Fancy send-off
  155. Part of clue i'd agonised over for so long
  156. Bye, in brittany
  157. Farewell, monsieur!
  158. Notice that's unwelcome at first, being so long
  159. Fail in a university for so long
  160. Farewell, in paris
  161. War-reporter attending university later!
  162. "bye," abroad
  163. Farewell, on the riviera
  164. Farewell to colourful type on the radio in australia
  165. Die in here and tha's goodbye
  166. Leave gold-plated coin stamper
  167. Won't live in gold until we meet again
  168. A long introduction to 'ulysses'? so long
  169. Bye-bye, in bordeaux
  170. Word on leaving
  171. Word of parting in paris
  172. I'm going to get something cast in gold
  173. To the french embracing the german, goodbye!
  174. Later aid compromised by european union
  175. Nice parting
  176. Something cast in gold - the last word in france
  177. Brest 'bye!'
  178. Ciao, in chartres
  179. Goodbye to the french
  180. Lyons "later"
  181. Strasbourg ''so long''
  182. "farewell, ami"
  183. Goodbye in grosse ile
  184. "until tomorrow," in france
  185. Farewell, in fontainebleau
  186. Parisian's parting word
  187. Parting greeting
  188. Some say it when leaving university with a pass
  189. 'goodbye, luc!'
  190. French parting
  191. French word for goodbye
  192. Bye at the french open?
  193. 'bye,' in brest
  194. Ta-ta, in toulon
  195. Commercial on independent group of countries is so long
  196. 5 backed by multinational group for so long
  197. Farewell from a princess with international group
  198. A political organisation employs policeman for so long
  199. Bye, in france
  200. Farewell from france to a hebrew, by the sound of it
  201. Farewell to francine
  202. Farewell, at the french open
  203. Terme de separation definitive
  204. 'farewell' bill island's presented by brussels
  205. Adios, arrivederci
  206. Word for a person on the go?
  207. Cheers for a multinational organisation employing detective
  208. Take care with answer that is in french for some
  209. Parting message, wind up in my guts?
  210. Stop working in a university, offering a final word
  211. Parting word à paris
  212. Farewell notice that's going to university
  213. Farewell, adios
  214. A university about to stop functioning for so long
  215. Expire in a uniform — farewell
  216. Phillippe's farewell
  217. It's said when leaving university with a pass
  218. Fifi's farewell
  219. Word on taking one's leave
  220. "'til tomorrow," in paris
  221. Farewell that is bid
  222. Say goodbye in lyon to polish leaving audiophiles
  223. 'ciao,' in chamonix
  224. Word that may be bid
  225. Farewell, to a frenchman
  226. French "goodbye"
  227. A farewell from nancy? nice, too
  228. Bordeaux bye-bye
  229. Chic "bye"
  230. "farewell, chérie"
  231. Vale with pine covered in gold
  232. "farewell, ma chère"
  233. Leave-taking word
  234. Notice one's given to political grouping is so long
  235. Twenty-seven states having passed bill, one left, making this?
  236. 'à bientôt!'
  237. "bye," in some countries
  238. 'fare thee well!'
  239. He wooed in stow, they say
  240. Bill that's acceptable in vale
  241. "so long!" along the seine
  242. So long to sarkozy
  243. Jacques's farewell
  244. "ta-ta," in montreal
  245. Goodbye, in lyon
  246. Notice one's given by european university that's so long
  247. It's farewell to hollande!
  248. It's sometimes said when leaving university with a pass
  249. Final line needs a stamp (1st class)
  250. Goodbye to something that may be cast in gold
  251. Farewell, to 10-across
  252. French "see ya"
  253. So long, in st.-etienne
  254. Farewell to the parisian
  255. Nice goodbye
  256. Farewell to the parisian about to depart
  257. In france one might fare well
  258. Farewell somehow?
  259. Say goodbye overseas to fresh aid going to community
  260. Languish in a posh 14
  261. Fancy farewell
  262. So long a day that is universal
  263. This greek bird will let you get the message
  264. I'm going to find a solid cast elite
  265. Cheers and riles us alternately
  266. Farewell cards i've put alternately ...
  267. Final word at orly
  268. In france such a buy sounds a good one in england
  269. That sounds like a good buy for the french
  270. It's bid in brest
  271. Debussy's farewell
  272. Farewell that's 'bid'
  273. French word for farewell
  274. A pass over top of urals is so long
  275. Farewell, in francoeur
  276. Tv reporter, once the centre of fun for so long
  277. François's farewell
  278. Goodbye, in gaspe
  279. It's often bid
  280. It's goodbye to sarkozy!
  281. Gold rings break for so long
  282. Vale of evesham initially seen by girl in gold
  283. Gilded cube is so long
  284. A fade out in the middle is so long
  285. Notice one at the centre queued for so long
  286. American saying proper farewell
  287. French bye word
  288. Commercial that is for all to see, and so long
  289. Goodbye, moving 18 27 soon?
  290. Farewell now from yours truly to the eu
  291. It's bid upon departure
  292. Parting from 1-across
  293. Goodbye genevieve!
  294. Gascony good-bye
  295. "bye-bye, jacques!"
  296. Bonjour's opposite
  297. Goodbye, in arles
  298. Fancy version of 34a
  299. Formal (and maybe overly dramatic) goodbye
  300. Goodbye, monsieur
  301. Simon —, television presenter and disc jockey born cyril nicholas henty-dodd who died in 2009
  302. Farewell from a french deity
  303. Expire in golden surroundings, farewell!
  304. Something you might bid
  305. 'bye-bye, mon ami'
  306. Pass on, in gold, pierre's parting word
  307. Last word to the french about to expire
  308. Vale in provence
  309. I'm off distributing aid to brussels
  310. Last word from 3 going to university
  311. Farewell announcement that is socially acceptable
  312. Final remark on something that's straight in the gold
  313. I'm away
  314. Goodbye that's bidden
  315. Say goodbye to a jew
  316. "bye-bye, brigitte"
  317. Parisian parting
  318. Leave-taking term
  319. French for bye
  320. Final word from a french deity
  321. Mademoiselle's goodbye
  322. It may be bid in the end
  323. Say goodbye in paris to polish leaving audiophiles
  324. Bill that is originally unpaid for so long
  325. Fran
  326. Quite so, niche fabricated houses
  327. Ta-ta thierry!
  328. Parting word in france
  329. Farewell in french

Crosswords containing the word "ADIEU"

  1. Bid the bed adieu
  2. Bid adieu
  3. Adieu brigitte, topless long ago
  4. We freshen adieu in translation
  5. Bids adieu
  6. 'his praise may come adieu by and by, by the sound of it (8)'
  7. Adieu
  8. Adieu, somewhere else
  9. Tata and adieu
  10. Adieu, elsewhere