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  1. Woolly tail behind this woolly tale?
  2. Like rodins the thinker
  3. Forward thinker?
  4. The thinker, for all we k
  5. Wishful thinker of story
  6. Some thinker, supporter kept in check by government department
  7. Ancient greek thinker
  8. French thinker?
  9. The thinker sculptor
  10. Positive thinker's word
  11. Reasoned thinker's desert island record
  12. Special skill concerning french thinker
  13. Fresh thinker
  14. Popular report's shocking treatment for great thinker
  15. Thinker
  16. Positive thinker's procla
  17. Opposite of a thinker
  18. Sculptor of the thinker
  19. Free thinker on perverse activity embraced by bond girl in 16 3
  20. Persian thinker philosopher of islam golden age


  1. Sedimentary rock made of quartz or feldspar
  2. Trudeau who became canadas prime minister in 2015
  3. Sculptor in greek mythology, or shaw play
  4. Examples include stuff you should know, serial
  5. Roberts and maclaine friendship flick steel
  6. Arcade shooter named for a multi legged arthropod
  7. The last name of the pioneer of physics
  8. Transport from the parking lot to the building